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How to Watch iTunes Movie on KMPlayer

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
LAST UPDATED: Jan. 22, 2017

"Recently, I am trying to play an HD M4V movie purchased from iTunes on KMPlayer but it will not work. Why can't I play my video?"

After downloading M4V movies from the iTunes store, you may want to transfer them to other devices for watching at anywhere. But for the iTunes movies which are protected by DRM, it is impossible to playback on common video player like KMPlayer, Windows Media Player or VLC. This is because the FairPlay DRM copy protection from Apple, which aimms to prohibit users from copying and sharing with others. Therefore, if you just take the movies for personal use, you can make use of a legal DRM removal to bypass the DRM protection from iTunes movie so as to watch them on KMPlayer.

Remove DRM Protection from iTunes Movie for Playing on KMPlayer

To make the work simple, you can get help from DRM Media Converter which is capable of stripping DRM from iTunes purchases and rentals easily. With this program, you can convert protected iTunes movies to other free video format like MP4, AVI, etc. Thus to enjoy iTunes movies on different media device and player. 

Note: One more thing is that DRM Media Converter is only available on Windows. If you need to convert iTunes movie on Mac, go to download iTunes M4V Converter for Mac.

DRM Media Converter – Help Play iTunes Movie on KMPlayer

DRM Media Converter is one of the most effective software which enables you get rid of Apple FairPlay DRM protection.

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Step 1: Add M4V Movies from iTunes

First open DRM Media Converter, click on "Add…" button to load M4V movies purchased or rented from iTunes. Or you can just drag and drop the videos to the program interface directly. Batch conversion is also supported by DRM Media Converter.

Add iTunes Movies

Step 2. Customize Output Parameters

Go for "Video files to" and choose a suitable output format from the output profile list. You can choose the MP4 which is playback smoothly on KMPlayer. Click on the "Settings" icon to customize the video resolution, encoder, frame rate, bit rate, etc. Then at the bottom label named Output path, choose a destination folder which you want to save the converted files in.

Choose Output Format

Step 3: Remove DRM Protection

Click on the "Start" button and it will pop up a window as below. Just follow the instructions to start removing the DRM protection from iTunes movies and convert them to ordinary MP4 video for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge. When the conversion finished, you can locate the converted video file by clicking the "Find Target" icon. Now transfer the converted MP4 movies to your phone for enjoying at will.

Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

After reading this tutorial above, you should have no problem in stripping DRM protection from iTunes movie to play on KMPlayer without limitation. This is one of the accessible solution to solve the issue of removing DRM protection from various protected audio and video files. Anyway, now you can enjoy your favorite iTunes movie on KMPlayer at ease.


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