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Use Spotify Music as Ringtone

Wilson Kent
BY Wilson Kent   
LAST UPDATED: Nov. 16, 2016

Spotify, being one of the most wonderful online music sharing services, is providing countless popular songs on the internet. As long as you create an account for free, you can enjoy Spotify music. However, you can only get access to Spotify music with internet connection. If you want to download music from Spotify for offline listening or make it as your ringtone, you are supposed to find a reliable music downloader or music recorder.

Now I would like to introduce a user-friendly Spotify music recorder to you - Steaming Audio Recorder. This Spotify music recorder enables you to record music from Spotify and many other websites including YouTube, Pandora, etc. You can save the recordings in a specific format (MP3 for Android users, M4R for iPhone users). Follow the 4 steps below to make it.

Streaming Audio Recorder - Make Spotify Music as your Ringtone

Having trouble on downloading Spotify music? Why not try to record it and save the music files in MP3 format with Streaming Audio Recorder?


How to Use Spotify Music as Ringtone

Step 1. Download Streaming Audio Recorder and Launch It

Before you record any music from Spotify, you have to download and install this music recorder program. Here is the interface you will see after you launch it.

Streaming Audio Recorder Main
Step 2. Start recording music from Spotify

Go for Spotify and search for the music you desire to record. Then hit the "Record" button. The recording process will keep going as you play the song.

Recording Sound From Microphone
Step 3. Finish Recording

Click "Record" button one more time to stop the process of recording. A file named "Track X" will emerge in the interface. You can keep on recording other songs by repeating this step.

Stop Recording Sound From Microphone
Step 4. Edit Your Music Files (Optional)

To make an iPhone ringtone, you might need to cut out the unnecessary part and save the highlight part you need. If so, go to "Library", then activate the built-in audio editor by right clicking the recording and choose the forth option – "Edit".

Selected Edit ID3 Tag

You can see the interface of the audio editor as below. In here, you can cut and mix the audio files. When you done editing, you can export the audio files as MP3 files.

Edit Recorded Audio File

That is all you need to do to capture music from Spotify with Streaming Audio Recorder. For Android users, you can save it as MP3 files so as to use it as your ringtone. For iPhone users, you need to do one more step – convert the Spotify audio files to M4R. Being an all-round software, it also enables you to burn Spotify music to CD with its embed CD burner. Isn’t it fantastic to achieve so many function in a single software? I would say yes! Now download the free trial version and try for it.


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