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How to Save Apple Music to SD Card

Zoey Wesson
BY Zoey Wesson   
Last Updated: Dec. 22, 2016
To everyone's surprise, Apple has released an update for Apple Music that lets Android users store downloaded songs to an SD card on compatible smartphones. "You can now keep more music offline," reads the update note.

If you're an iPhone or iPad user, you're likely painfully aware that SD cards aren't compatible with your device and might never will be. But is the "download songs to SD card" an Android feature that iPhone users can only dream about? My answer is no. In this guide, I'll show you how to save Apple Music to any SD card on Android device or on a computer, so that you are able to listen to Apple Music offline on any device that supports SD card.

Part 1 How to Download Apple Music to Android SD Card

Step 1. Open Apple Music on your Android phone and tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner.

Step 2. Tap Settings.

Step 3. Scroll to the Downloads section and tap Download Location and select where you want to store your music:

  • Choose Internal Storage to save downloaded songs to the internal storage build into your phone.

  • Choose SD Card to save downloaded songs to the SD Card in your phone. (Pick this one)

Step 4. Go to My Music or Playlists and tap on More Options to the right of the song, album, or playlist name that you want to download.

Step 5. Tap Download. Then you can listen to them when you aren't connected to the Internet.

Note: You can download the latest version of Apple Music on the Google Play store right now.

Part 2 How to Store iTunes Music/Apple Music on SD Card via PC

Things You'll Need to Transfer Music from iTunes to SD Card:
  • iTunes

  • Computer

  • SD Card

  • Apple Music Converter

Why The Apple Music Converter is Required?

All iTunes purchased music or downloaded Apple Music tracks are copy-protected using a Digital Rights Management called FairPlay. Thus, those DRM-protected M4P tracks are not playable on non-Apple devices, including MP3 Player, Xbox One, USB drive, SD card, etc. What's worse, no matter where you downloaded the Apple Music songs from, the iOS version of Apple Music or Android version of Apple Music, the streaming music downloaded with Apple Music are prohibited from copying to other devices and all music stream will become inoperable if the subscription is canceled.

So this is why the DRM removal software like Apple Music Converter is required. It will help you convert the DRM-locked Apple Music/iTunes music from M4P to unprotected MP3 or other formats as you want. After that, you can take full control over the downloaded M4P music tracks and freely play the music back on any media player or keep Apple Music after subscription ends.

Apple Music Converter – Copy DRM-free Apple Music to SD Card

It can help you easily and completely kill DRM protection from Apple Music M4P files. After that, you can copy DRM-free Apple Music to SD Card for later playback.

Step 1. Launch Apple Music Converter

Download, install and run Apple Music Converter on computer. And iTunes will be launched at the same time.

Launch Apple Music Converter on PC

Step 2. Select Apple Music Track to Convert

You can select the music tracks one by one or use the search bar to locate the specific item quickly.

Select Apple Music Track to Convert

Step 3. Choose Output Format

Click on the "Output Settings" to choose MP3 as the output format and if you would like to edit the metadata settings, go to "Metadata" tab to continue.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Convert and Copy Apple Music to SD Card

Now inset your SD card to computer. After that, go to "Output Folder" to select your SD card as destination folder for saving the converted files. Finally, click on "Convert" to start the conversion. When it is done, you are able to locate the converted files in your SD card.

Convert and Copy Apple Music to SD Card

If you're also interesting in checking out other features of Apple Music Converter, like putting Audible audiobooks on MP3 player, you can download the free trial version and test it by yourself.



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