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How to Get Rhapsody Music with Rhapsody Music Downloader

Zoey Wesson
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LAST UPDATED: Mar. 07, 2017

Rhapsody is one of the oldest and most respected music streaming services which gives its members ad-free access to over 32 million songs via any browser on the desktop or with mobile apps for iOS, Android and more. It features with a large library, good user interface, good mobile device support and the possibility to buy many songs as MP3 files. If you become the Premier, you can download any song, album or playlist from Rhapsody. But if you don't want pay $9.99 a month to get music from it, you can use a Rhapsody Music Downloader to download music from Rhapsody.

Why Choose Rhapsody Music Downloader

Streaming Audio Recorder is a professionally-designed online audio recorder that can help you download Rhapsody Music easily. You can search any songs you want to download with its "Search" function and download it for offline playback. Besides, you are able to record music from Rhapsody and others online music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Music, etc. You can convert all you audio and music recording to other formats like MP3, M4A, AAC, WMA, FLAC, etc. If you like, you can also burn your Rhapsody music files to home-made CDs or car CDs.

Streaming Audio Recorder – Easy-to-Use Rhapsody Music Downloader

With this streaming Audio Recorder, you are able to download all sorts of music from Rhapsody and enjoy them with your iPod, iPhones, Android phones and other devices.


How to Download Rhapsody Music with Three Steps

Step 1. Download, Install and Launch Rhapsody Music Downloader

Download the Rhapsody Music Downloader and follow the instructions given to finish the installation. Then launch the program and you will see an interface as below. Go to "Settings" > "Record Settings" > "Audio Settings", and select "System Sound" from the drop-down list.

Launch Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Start Downloading Rhapsody Music

Now go to "Record" tab and you will see a red "Record" button at the bottom left corner of the main interface. Once you tap on the "Record" button then the program will be ready to record any audio playing on your computer. Now simply click on "Record" button and go to Rhapsody and listen to any song, then the recorder will start recording automatically.

Start Downloading Rhapsody Music

Step 3. Check Recorded Rhapsody Music

When you finish recording, you can go to "Library" to find the recorded music files. This Rhapsody Music Downloader is able to recognize the music you are playing and fix the ID3 tags automatically. If you want to modify the ID3 tags manually, you can right-click on the music and select "ID3 Tag Editor" to edit the information manually.

Check Recorded Rhapsody Music

Now you can covert the downloaded Rhapsody music to any format you like with its built-in audio converter. After that, you can transfer the music files to any device you like.

How to Convert Rhapsody Protected Songs to MP3

If you've downloaded a bunch of songs from Rhapsody subscription, there is one thing that you should beware of. All music downloaded from Rhapsody and Napster are embed with DRM protection which is a form of copy protection to prevent downloader from sharing files. If you want to listen to the Rhapsody DRM-ed WMA/AAC music with your iPod, Zune or other MP3 players, you will need a solution to remove DRM protection from Rhapsody music first.

A professional Rhapsody DRM removal tool called DRM Media Converter is able to remove DRM protection from video and music files downloaded and purchased from online stores like Rhapsody, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Napster, Zune Pass, etc. It is able to convert both DRM-locked and DRM-free video/audio files to all popular video/audio formats like MP3, WMV, MOV, MP4, etc.

DRM Media Converter – Remove DRM from Rhapsody Music

DRM Media Converter helps you convert the DRM protected Rhapsody music files to the best supported format that can be played on your iPod, Zune, Sansa and more.

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Step 1. Add Rhapsody/Napster Music Files

Run DRM Media Converter and click on "Add" button to the main interface. A new window will pop up where you can browse and find Rhapsody music files. Select the music from which you want to remove DRM protection and import the files into the program.

Add Rhapsody/Napster Music Files

Step 2. Choose MP3 as Output Format

Click on "Audio Files to" and select MP3 from the list of audio formats in the drop-down menu.

 Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 3. Start Conversion

Click on "Start" button, then you can start to convert Rhapsody music to DRM-free MP3 format now.

Start Conversion

After that, you are free to transfer Rhapsody downloaded music or audio files to whatever media player you like. This DRM Media Converter also lets you remove and convert any of your DRM protected files, such as M4V, WMV, ASF, etc.

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