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How to Use Requiem DRM Removal to Bypass iTunes DRM

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
Last Updated: Feb. 27, 2017

You must hear of Requiem DRM removal if you have tried to find a free iTunes DRM removal to unlock the DRM encryption from iTunes media. But when you search it on Google, you will find most of the results are related to the Requiem alternative. What happened to Requiem? How can you use Requiem to remove the DRM now? So here in this post, we are going to introduce this software and show you how to use it.

Part 1 What is Requiem? What Happened to it?

Requiem is the most famous iTunes DRM removal freeware which can strip Apple FairPlay DRM from iTunes purchased music, video, eBook. This program can remove the DRM protection with no quality loss, no decoding and re-encode. With this free software, you are able to get rid of iTunes DRM protection easily. Requiem DRM removal works fine on Mac, Windows as well as Linux.

But you know there are some legal questions regarding DRM protection, so it comes a battle between Requiem and Apple. Inc. After years of these back and forth battles with Apple, Requiem finally lost this war in late 2012 with the release of iTunes 11. And since that, Requiem gradually works unstable and have stopped upgrading in V4.1 till now. That's why you can find so many results about Requiem replacement.

Part 2 Can You Use Requiem to Removal DRM Now?

Due to the Requiem is limited to work under iTunes version lower than V.10.7, you have to downgrade your iTunes to Version 10.7 or lower if you really want to use Requiem DRM Removal. And as a freeware software, it comes a limitation which can't bypass DRM encryption from iTunes rentals but only purchases. Now see how to use Requiem to remove DRM from iTunes music, video and iBook.

Download Sites for Requiem 4.1

Download Requiem 4.1 for Windows

Download Requiem 4.1 for OSX

Download Requiem 4.1 Source Code

Steps to Use Requiem to Remove DRM

Step 1. Double-click on the Requiem application on your computer that is currently authorized to play the DRM-ed music or video.

Step 2. Then it will automatically detect the DRM-ed music, videos, iBook in your iTunes library and start to remove DRM from them.

Step 3. When the process finished, the original files will be moved to the trash. And now all your iTunes media file will be DRM-free.

Note: Windows user has to install Java plug-in.

Part 3 How to Convert M4P to M4A

Now you will find Requiem DRM removal is too complex to handle. So it is necessary to find a Requiem DRM Removal alternative to help you remove DRM from iTunes purchases and rentals.

1. Apple Music Converter – Requiem Alternative to Remove DRM from Music and iBook.


• Bypass DRM from iTunes M4P music and Apple Music.

• Bypass DRM from iTunes M4A/M4B iBook and Audible AA/AAX audiobooks.

• Keep ID tags and chapters for MP3 and M4A output format.

• Adjust the audio quality and output settings.


• Cannot convert iTunes protected videos

• Need iTunes installed.


2. iTunes M4V Converter – Requiem Alternative to Remove DRM from iTunes video.


• Bypass DRM from iTunes rented and purchased videos.

• Convert DRM-ed M4V movies to unprotected MP4 at 30x faster speed

• Preserve the original subtitles and audio tracks after conversion.

• Support the latest iTunes version 12.5.


• Available in Mac version only.

• Cannot convert iTunes music and audiobooks.

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3. DRM Media Converter – Requiem Alternative to Strip DRM from protected media files


• Bypass DRM from iTunes M4V video protected WMV and ASF video files.

• Bypass DRM from protected music and eBook purchased from iTunes, Audible, Zune, etc.

• Convert DRM-ed video/audio to over 200 different formats that compatible with popular devices.

• Support the latest iTunes version 12.5.


• Cannot convert iTunes protected videos

• Available in Windows version only.

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Write in the End

For the people who prefer to use free software, Requiem DRM removal for iTunes must be the first choice though the process will be a little trouble. But if you want to pick up a replacement of Requiem DRM Removal, you can try to use this software we recommended above.


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