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Enjoy iTunes M4V - How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies

Zoey Wesson
BY Zoey Wesson   
LAST UPDATED: Jan. 24, 2017

Most of you who buy (or rent) movies, TV shows or music videos from iTunes, might run into a little trouble when trying to watch the movies on your TV, Android devices or other non-Apple devices. The movies and TV shows purchased from iTunes Stored are protected by Digital Rights Management. And these protected purchased can be:

  • Played on up to 5 authorized computers

  • Synced with your iPod, iPhone or iPad

  • Synced with or streamed to your Apple TV

  • Viewed only in iTunes and QuickTime Player

As for rented movies, you have 30 days to start watching and 24 hours to finish once you start.

I fully understand the importance of copyright protection of music, movies and TV series. But come on! Isn' it kind of ridiculous that you cannot watch the movies you purchased on your TV or any other devices you like? Neither can you edit nor share the movies on the network with your friends or convert the M4V to any other common formats. What's the point if we cannot have fun? That's the reason why many people asked "How to remove DRM from iTunes movies" in many forums. In this guide, we'll show you how to bypass the DRM from iTunes videos with a recommended software called iTunes M4V Converter.

Professional iTunes Movies DRM Removal – iTunes M4V Converter

iTunes M4V Converter seems to be the most commonly used tool to remove iTunes DRM. It comes with the ability to remove iTunes DRM from rented or purchased movies, TV-series as well as music videos. With this program, you can convert the DRM-ed M4V to MP4 format and play it on different devices. Besides, you'll be able to watch the rented movies for an unlimited number of times after removing the 24 hours' limitation. Choosing this software is the best choice for you to remove DRM without losing the file quality.

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Note: This is how to remove DRM from iTunes M4V on Mac, but what about Windows users? For Windows users, you can use the DRM Media Converter (Windows version of iTunes M4V Converter) to convert M4V to MP4 on Windows.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies Purchases & Rentals

Step 1. Add iTunes Movies

After downloading and installing the iTunes M4V Converter, launch the program immediately. When you see the main interface of iTunes M4V Converter, click on "Add files" button to choose the movies or TV shows you would like to convert to MP4.

Note: Make sure that you've authorized iTunes on your Mac with the same Apple ID and password you used to purchase, rent or download the iTunes movies.

Add iTunes Movies

Step 2. Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles

After importing iTunes movies into the program, you can choose one file and click on "Settings" icon to select the audio track and subtitle you desired. Otherwise, it will keep all the tracks and subtitles in the output files.

Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Step 3. Start Converting iTunes M4V to MP4 on Mac

Now click on "Convert" button to start converting M4V to MP4. After conversion, you will find the converted MP4 files by clicking on the "History" tab. And you can transfer the DRM-free iTunes movies to any portable devices

iTunes M4V to MP4


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