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How to Remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks with Chapters

Roger W.
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Last Updated: Oct. 14, 2016

"I have audible files I have purchased on my computer, and my computer is activated for Audible, is there any way to remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks and convert them to M4A or MP3 for playing on alternative audiobook player."

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Many people meet the same problem when they want to play Audible audiobooks on their phone or MP3 player. That's because a DRM protected file will most likely not be able to be transferred and used between device. Unfortunately, Audible's AA and AAX audiobooks are the protected files. To play Audible audiobooks on any devices, you need to remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks first.

Apple Music Converter is one of the best Audible Audiobook DRM Remover which can help you to remove Audible DRM protection and convert AA audiobook to plain MP3, M4A or other audio formats at 16 X faster speed with the original ID3 tags and chapter info fully preserved. After that, you can transfer Audible AA and AAX files to any device.

Apple Music Converter - Remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks

Apple Music Converter can help you remove DRM protection from AA, AAX, M4P, M4B, etc. files.


Remove DRM from Audible AA or AAX Audiobook

Important: This guide is for personal use only. Do not circulate decrypted audio books over the internet.

Step 1. Import Audible Audiobooks to iTunes Library

Launch iTunes and go to Books >Audiobook section. Then click File > Library > Import Playlist to import the Audible AA, AAX audiobook files to iTunes library.

Import Audiobooks to iTunes

Step 2. Launch Audiobook DRM Remover

Download, install and launch Apple Music Converter on your computer. iTunes will be open at the same time. All media files on your iTunes library will be displayed on the program's interface automatically, including Audible audiobooks you have just added.

If you don't see them, click the "Refresh" button.

Refresh Audiobooks

Step 3. Choose MP3 or M4A as Output Format

Click "Audiobooks" category in the left sidebar, then all audiobooks will be displayed. Choose those you want to remove the DRM and go to "Output Settings". Now just select the output format as MP3 or other formats you like.

Choose MP3 or M4A as Output Format

Tips: To maintain chapter information of your audiobooks, click "Options" in the left-upper corner and check "Meta tags" in the pop-up window.

Keep Meta Info

Step 4. Remove DRM and Convert AA to MP3

Click the "Convert" icon and the program will remove Audible Audiobooks' DRM and convert them to MP3 or M4R that you have chosen.

Remove DRM and Convert AA to MP3

After strip DRM from Audible Audiobooks and convert them to MP3/M4R, you can freely transfer them into any media players, such as iPod, iPhone or Sony Walkman. Download the program right now!



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