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Great Way to Record Your Skype Calls

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
LAST UPDATED: Oct. 04, 2016

These days, Skype becomes more and more popular for online communication. It can help you to stay in touch with your friends, discuss the company works and accept lessons online, etc. not matter where you are. And sometimes, we have to save the audio of calls, content of the meetings, online lessons for future reference. But we all know that Skype doesn't natively support call recording. However we can find a third-party software to achieve this thought.

Streaming Audio Record is a powerful Skype recorder which allows you to record audio from microphone and computer system. So it can provide you with a simple and easy solution to record Skype calls. With just few clicks, you can get the recorded audio files successfully. This recorder also comes with some extensional functions like convert audio, download songs, rip and burn CD, etc. Just download this program and follow below instruction to record your Skype calls.

Streaming Audio Record – Help record Any Skype calls

You will not loss the important information from friends or colleagues by recording the Skype calls and saving it to your computer.


How to Record your Skype Calls

Step 1. Open the Streaming Audio Recorder

Free download and install the Streaming Audio Recorder before you begin the call on Skype. To record the Skype calls, you need to go to "Settings" > "Record Settings" > "Audio Setting" > "Both System Sound and Microphone".

Recording Settings

Step 2. Start Recording Your Call

Once you start the Skype call, click on the red record button on the "Record" tab. Then this program will record you voice from the microphone and other words from your computer system.

Start Recording

Step 3. End the Record

When the call finished, click on the same button to stop recording. The recorded file will be displayed on the interface immediately.

Stop Recording

Step 4. Find your Recorded File

Switch to the "Library" tab, you can check the recorded files here. Right-click the track, you could choose "Edit" to cut, mix and insert your file. This program records the audio and save it on MP3 format by default. If the MP3 is not exactly what you want, you can adjust the settings before recording or convert it to other formats you like after recording. And it provides other functions you can take a try.

Find the Recorder File

Now you will not miss any important information on Skype call. Don't forget that Streaming Audio Recorder can be used to record any audio from your computer sound card, such as record Pandora music. You're not limited to recording the Skype call! Download it and take a try.



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