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How to Record Microphone Sound

Wilson Kent
BY Wilson Kent   
LAST UPDATED: Oct. 03, 2016

When you want to record sound from microphone yet have no idea where to get started, the first thing that comes into your mind might be searching "how to record microphone sound" on Google. You might get confused with hundreds of online recorders. However, many online recorders might be unstable and fail to output high-quality files. Worse still, online recorders are not available without Internet. So why don't you try a professional recorder which can record audio offline? Here I am going to recommend a software for you.

Streaming Audio Recorder is created for recording all kinds of sound that play through your computer. It allows you to record audio from microphone with ease, and outputs high-quality audio without electronic noise. It also enables you to categorize your recorded sound.

Now let's see how to record microphone sound by using Streaming Audio Recorder.

Streaming Audio Recorder – A Great Tool to Record Microphone Sound

With user-friendly design and high quality output, Streaming Audio Recorder is the best choice for you.


How to Record Microphone Sound

Step 1. Open Streaming Audio Recorder

Launch the program after installation, you can see the main interface as below. "Record" tab is on the upper-left of the interface.

Streaming Audio Recorder Main
Step 2. Choose Microphone Record

Before you start to record, make sure the software will capture sound from microphone by doing the following steps:

"Settings" > "Record Settings" > "Audio Settings" > "Audio Source" > "Microphone".

Choose Microphone Record

Tips: You can also choose the output folder in the "Settings" window, where Streaming Audio Recorder provides a lot of output audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, etc.

Step 3. Start Recording

Streaming Audio Recorder is ready for recording all the time. Click the red round button which means "Record" on the bottom of the interface to activate the program. Then the program will start to record immediately. You can click "Pause" button right next to the "Record" button to pause recording.

Recording Sound From Microphone
Step 4. Finish Recording

Click "Record" button to stop recording. A file named "Track X" will emerge above the "Record" button.

Stop Recording Microphone Sound
Step 5. Find the Recorded Audio on Your Computer

The saved file can be found on the "Library" tab. Streaming Audio Recorder will automatically categorize all the recorded files and list them under "Library" menu.

Right click the track you would see the drop-down list, choose "Open Folder" to find the exact location where stores your audio.

Open Folder

Just follow these 5 steps, it is really easy to record microphone sound as you want. This powerful software is also able to auto-add ID3 tags for music files which can be really helpful to categorize the files. In addition, Streaming Audio Recorder is able to capture audio from radio stations and video sites, like YouTube, Vevo, Pandora and so on. It provides extra functions like audio converter, audio editor, and downloader. Download the program to find out more. It would never let you down.


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