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The Easiest Way to Record Audio from Sound Card

Wilson Kent
BY Wilson Kent   
LAST UPDATED: Oct. 13, 2016

It would be fantastic if you can record any sound that play through the sound card of your computer including online music, software sound, CD/DVD soundtrack and so on. With a professional recorder – Streaming Audio Recorder, you can achieve that with ease.

Steaming Audio Recorder is a powerful audio recorder which enables you to record audio from sound card with ease. It also provides different output audio formats, which makes it more convenient for you to store or share the recorded audio. Now follow the 5 steps to record audio from sound card on your PC.

Streaming Audio Recorder – Best Audio Recorder

With Steaming Audio Recorder, you can record system sound freely and output it in different audio formats, like MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC and so on.


How to Record Audio from Sound Card

Step 1. Launch Streaming Audio Recorder

Launch the program after you successfully installed it, you can see the main interface below.

Streaming Audio Recorder 

Step 2. Choose Microphone Record

Click the "Settings" button on the upper-right of the interface to open the setting window. Then follow the steps below:

"Record Settings" > "Audio Settings" > "Audio Source" > "System Sound".

Record Settings

In the record settings tab, you are able to choose the audio quality (high, standard, low, custom) and audio formats (MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, and so on).

More Tips:

If you failed to record sound from the system, it's probably because your computer disable it. Now you need to change the recording setting by doing the following steps:

First of all, right click the "Digital devices" button, then choose "Recording devices" to open the sound setting window.

Window Recording Devices

Then go to "Recording" > "Stereo Mix" > "Enable". Now you can fix the problem.

Window Enable Stereo Mix

Step 3. Start Recording

Click "Record" on the bottom of the interface to start recording. You can click "Pause" button to pause recording during the process.

Recording Sound From 

Step 4. Finish Recording

Click "Record" button one more time, then you can stop the process of recording. A file named "Track X" will emerge above the "Record" button. If you record a song, the program will automatically identify and add the ID3 tags to your files.

Stop Recording Microphone 

Step 5. Find the Recorded Audio on Your Computer

You can find all the audio tracks in "Library" tab. This is a place for you to categorize all your audio files.

Right click the audio track. And then a drop-down list will show up. By clicking "Open Folder", you are able to find the exact output location.

Open Folder

This is all you need to do to record audio from sound card with Steaming Audio Recorder. If you desire to record a piece of music, do remember to mute or shut down other software before recording in case there will be some unnecessary noises.

Being a professional recorder, Steaming Audio Recorder also comes with a built-in audio editor. Click here to find out more on how to edit audio with this program.


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