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Preserve Subtitles when Removing DRM from M4V

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
LAST UPDATED: Dec. 05, 2016

Normally, iTunes purchased or rented movies, TV shows and music video are included subtitles and audio tracks depending on different languages so that you are able to choose the subtitle and audio track you like when you play the iTunes video. But if you want to watch the iTunes video on non-Apple devices such as Samsung Galaxy Series, Amazon Kindle Fire, Nexus, Nook and HTC with keeping the subtitles at the same time, you need to strip the DRM from iTunes video first. Based on that situation, you will need a powerful M4V DRM removal to help you preserve subtitles when removing the DRM from the M4V video.

Here we would like to recommend iTunes M4V Converter for Mac for you. This professional M4V DRM removal has made it possible to get rid of DRM restrictions from all iTunes videos including Rentals and Purchases. Also, this program will save all subtitles and audio tracks when converting iTunes M4V to MP4. In this way, you can watch any iTunes purchased or rented M4V movies, TV shows or music videos on non-Apple devices with subtitles kept.

iTunes M4V Converter – Preserve All Subtitles for Your Video

iTunes M4V Converter is a smart DRM removal which can both remove the DRM protection from M4V video and keep the subtitles and audio tracks after conversion.

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Retain Subtitles for iTunes DRM-ed Movies

Step 1. Add DRM-ed M4V Videos

Before following the steps to keep subtitles when converting iTunes M4V to MP4 with iTunes DRM Converter. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the program on your Mac. And then click "Add Files" to load iTunes video list. Locate and select the files you want to import and click on "Add" button, then all the M4V videos you chose are shown in the file list.

Import M4V Video

Step 2. Choose Subtitles to preserve

iTunes M4V Converter will preserve all original subtitles by default. If you need to customize it, click on the "Gear" icon and then remove the subtitle you don't like in a pop-up window.

Choose Subtitles

Step 3. Converting M4V to MP4

You are able to begin to remove DRM and convert iTunes M4V to MP4 by clicking "Convert" button. When the conversion finished, you can go to the "History" to find the DRM-free MP4 videos with the subtitles you wish to preserve.

Start Removing the DRM

Among all solutions for converting M4V to MP4 with subtitle preserved, the iTunes M4V Converter for Mac is the best as it is a really easy-to-use and professional program that satisfies all demand for stripping DRM from iTunes video. Now start to convert your DRM-ed M4V video and then watch the iTunes movies/TV shows on any devices as you like.

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