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iTunes Podcast Converter: How to Play iTunes Podcast on Android

Wilson Kent
BY Wilson Kent   
LAST UPDATED: May. 10, 2017

The podcast usually means a series of audio episodes, and the contents may include music, literature, reviews, etc. It becomes popular along with the popularity of iPhones, iPad and Mac. However, it may have troubles with playing iTunes Podcast on Android devices, like Samsung S8, Huawei P10. If you want to extract them from iTunes, and convert to your other Android devices, then you need an iTunes Podcast Converter to help.

Part 1 Use iTunes Podcast Converter to Fix it

Why you should Choose Apple Music Converter?

It's a multi-functional program to convert iTunes media files to MP3, including iTunes songs, Apple Music tracks, Podcast, iTunes movies and TV shows. Batch Podcast conversion progress are fast and stable. If you select MP3 and M4A as output format, the converted files will preserve full ID3 tags and meta information. It's easy to master and achieve iTunes Podcast with Android-supported format. Follow 4 steps then you are able to listen to iTunes Podcast on Android without limitations.

Apple Music Converter: The Best Tool for iTunes Podcast Conversion

It can convert a complete iTunes Podcast to other format with metadata preserved, like MP3, MKA, FLAC, AU, AIFF, M4A, M4R and AC3.


Step 1. Install and Add Podcast to the Program

Download and install Apple Music Converter to your computer. For your convenient, the program is set to sync the whole iTunes playlists to program automatically.

Step 2. Select Podcast to Convert

Click "Podcast" button at the left side of interface to choose file to convert.

If you still can't find the Podcast you need, click on "Refresh" button at the top menu bar. Or you can just search file at the top searching box.

Select Podcast to Convert
Step 3. Designate MP3 as Output Format

Why choose MP3? Because MP3 is the most popular and applicable audio format to Android devices. Go to the bottom of interface, click "Output Settings" > select "Output Format" > choose "MP3". At the right side you can also customize bitrate, codec, sample rate and channels.

Select Output Format
Step 4. Run iTunes Podcast Conversion

When you finish the Podcast settings, then you need to choose "Output Folder" at the bottom to save converted files. After that, just click "Convert" button at upper left to run conversion.

Converting iTunes Podcast

After that, connect your Android device to PC via USB, copy and paste converted Podcast to the device. Then you can play iTunes Podcast on Android device freely.

Apple Music converter focuses on fixing incompatible iTunes podcast format to Android system. It's a good helper for you to enjoy Podcast freely anywhere.



Part 2 Directly Download Podcast to Android

There are several apps available for both iOS and Android platforms that allow you to download and sort episodes. Dubbed "Podcatchers," these apps are available on various systems and are generally cheap (or even free). Pocket Casts, OverCast, Stitcher Radio, Google Play Music, Apple Podcasts App.

Step 1. Add Podcast to Your List

Selecting the "Top" tab brings up a list of the most popular podcasts among Pocket Casts' users. Tap the "+" symbol next to a podcast's name to subscribe channel.

Add Podcast to Your List

Step 2. Download Programs as you liked

The app allows you to manually download episodes by tapping the download button next to an episode's name.

Download Programs

Step 3. Change Podcast Settings

Clicking on the button to bring up the options menu — represented by the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner in Pod Casts — will bring up additional options for an individual episode.

Change Podcast Settings

Click on "Podcast Settings" at the end of drop-down list, Pocket Casts will automatically download the latest episodes of podcasts you subscribe to.


Pocket Casts makes downloading podcasts onto iOS and Android devices far, far easier than the old fashioned way of downloading podcasts from a site and uploading them to a phone's hard drive.


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