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How to Play Audible on Chromecast

Roger W.
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LAST UPDATED: Mar. 27, 2017

"I would like to listen to my Audible audiobooks both from my phone and my laptop to the Chromecast Audio-connected speaker. But Audible is not an app that supports Chromecast. Is it possible to do?" – From Chromecast Help Forum

Chromecast Audio

Chromecast Audio is a device which plugs into your speaker so that you can stream music through a Wi-Fi connection. With Chromecast Audio, you can stream your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, local music and even YouTube to your home speaker. There are thousands of apps are supported by Chromecast Audio,while the Audible app does not natively support the Cast SDK. Therefore, it is not easy to play Audible audiobooks on Chromecast.

Luckily, it is still possible to stream Addible books on your Chromecast. All you need is an Audible audiobooks converter which can help you convert protected Audible AA/AAX to plain MP3 or M4A with the DRM restriction removed. Them, you can stream Audible audiobooks to Chromecast just as streaming common MP3 files.

Here comes Apple Music Converter, which is also an audiobook converter to complete unlock Audible audiobooks encryption and convert AA and AAX files to MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc. After conversion, you can stream the converted audiobooks to Chromecast easily. Here is the full guide.

Full Guide on Streaming Audible Audiobooks to Chromecast Audio

Step 1. Download and install Audiobooks Converter

Click the "Download" button below to download Audiobooks converter on your computer. Then, install and launch the program.


Step 2. Select Audiobooks to Convert

Once the program is launched, iTunes will be opened automatically. In the left side of the program's interface, click "Audiobooks". You can choose the audiobooks you want to convert. If cannot see any audiobooks, please add those audiobooks you want to convert to iTunes library first.

Select Audiobooks to Convert

Step 3. Convert Audible to MP3

Now choose "MP3" or "M4A" as output format. Then, click "Convert" to start converting Audible to MP3.

Convert Audible to MP3

Step 4. Stream Audible to Chromecast Audio

1. Set up Chromecast Audio

2. Install the Google Cast app on your smartphone (available for Android and iOS) as well as Chromecast compatible applications for your smartphone or computer.

3. Now, you can transfer the converted audiobooks to your phone and cast them to chromecast.

4. For computer users, you can Upload music with Music Manager. With Music Manager, you can upload music from any music folder on your desktop (including iTunes and Windows Media Player) to Google Play and immediately start casting your top tunes to your TV or speakers.

Stream Audible to Chromecast Audio


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