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Online Movie Rentals: Best 6 Places to Rent Movies

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
LAST UPDATED: Mar. 15, 2017

Do you like watching movies? Have you heard of online movie rentals? Going to the cinema to watch movies is a little expensive so it is a good option for you to enjoy the latest movies with less money. Now, more and more websites are offering the online movie rentals services to customers. On their website, you can find a wide range of new movies with different prices. So, here comes the question, how can you find a best site to rent movie online with large movie collection and low price? Don't worry, let's see the recommendation below to help you choose a best one.


Price: $1.64 for DVD, $2.18 for Blu-ray.

Rental Time: 24 hours

You should know RedBox is not only a typical service for movie renting where you pay money for subscription or a video and then stream it for a few days. It also offers online rentals of original DVD or Blu-ray disk from any kiosk.

RedBox has a large amount of movie collections including both old and new films. You just need to go to RedBox.com and search the movies you want to rent on the search bar. Then follow the instructions to rent your movie. If you are looking for some good movies, you can browse the disks by genre. And there is a trailer for each movie to help users check a short preview before renting. So, you can make decision better.

RedBox Rent Movie

No 2. iTunes Store

Price: From $3.99 to $4.99 for a movie.

Rentals Time: 24 hours since you start watching.

If you own an Apple device, iTunes is maybe the simplest and most flexible way to rent the movies you want to enjoy. In fact, the movies in iTunes store are not that enormous as other website like Amazon, RedBox, etc. But for Apple users, it is still great to get a movie for watching on an iPhone or iPad on the fight. Sometimes, you might be annoying with the time limitations of iTunes rentals. But there is an efficient way to remove the 24 hours' limitation from iTunes rented movies easily.

iTunes Rent Movie

No 3. Amazon

Price: From $0 to $3 for a movie.

Rentals Time: 24 hours since you start watching.

When it comes to online movie rentals, we have to recommend Amazon to you. As one of the most well-known sites for renting videos, it has the best movie collections. You are able to rent both HD and SD movies from various different kinds.

To find a certain movie, you can search for it by genre, mode, actor, director and theme. Also, you can filter the results by decade, price and customers' reviews to further selection.

Amazon Rent Movie

No 4. YouTube Movies

Price: From $0 to $5 for a movie.

Rental Time: 24 hours since you start watching

Apart from sharing videos, YouTube also offers a new service – YouTube Movies which lets you purchase or rent movies online. Though the collection is not huge, there is something to choose including new release.

Here, you can go to the "Playlist" section to choose movies like 2015 Oscar Nominees, 2015 Golden Globes, This week's Top New Movies and many more. Or you can either search for a movie by title or browse through the channel to find the movies you want to rent.

YouTube Rent Movie

No 5. VUDU

Price: $2.99-$5.99 for a 2-day rental. Movies are also available to purchase.

Rental Time: 24 hours

Vudu is an online video streaming service owned by Walmart. I have to say Vudu is must-visit for all HD movie lovers. This website allows users to access to a great choice of HD movies and TV shows in an on-demand (pay-as-you-go) system.

With a large library of movies, you can rent and stream the movies to many network media player, media streamers, Smart TVS and other devices that supports Vudu App.

VUDU Rent Movie

No 6. Netflix

Price: From $7.99 to $11.99 per month.

Rentals Time: Month

Netflix has long history for providing movie renting service since 1997. Now it becomes one of the most popular sites to rent movies online. It holds a great collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch on TV, computer, smartphone or other portable devices.

There are three account types with different charge: Basic, Standard and Premium. You can choose one account according to your need. And all three accounts provide a free trial month so you can get some free movies for watching.

Netflix Rent Movie

Next time when you want to watch movies at home, where do you go? From the sites below, I believe you can find any movies you want to enjoy. So, share this recommendation to your family and help them get more online movie rentals.


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