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myFairTunes Failed to Convert Apple Music? Solved!

Roger W.
BY Roger W.   
LAST UPDATED: Nov. 09, 2016

Nowadays, there are many iTunes music DRM Removal tools in the market, but some are still try to use the old iTunes DRM removal tool - myFairTunes. myFairTunes is a DRM removal program that works on iTunes. It can free your music from the DRM strapped, Apple bound confines of iTunes. myFairTunes converts your Apple iTunes store bought M4P music to the open transferable music format MP3.

As we know, Apple dropped the FairPlay DRM from iTunes music in 2009. But for people who purchased iTunes songs before that time, you may still need to kill the DRM from those music files stored in your library. In this case, you will need myFairTunes app that empowers you to unlock FairPlay-encrypted songs and albums for free. It generates DRM-free iTunes songs by simply converting the DRM-ed M4P music files to plain MP3 format.

However, today, many people may complain myFairTunes is out of date for following reasons:

  • It can only be available in Windows computer

  • It cannot be able to remove DRM from Apple's new Apple Music

  • It stopped updates for a long time

Therefore, if you want to find an alternative to myFairTunes so you can listen to your Apple Music on any device, as well as M4P songs bought from iTunes store without restriction, I will recommend Apple Music Converter.


Main Features of Apple Music Converter

  • Convert any Apple Music tracks to MP3/AAC/FLAC/M4A.

  • Remove DRM from M4P music, iTunes/Audible audiobooks.

  • 16X conversion speed & support batch conversion.

  • Keep ID tags, metadata with lossless quality

  • Highly compatible with iTunes 12.5 and macOS Sierra/Windows 10

How to Convert Apple Music and iTunes M4P to MP3

Step 1. Download and install Apple Music Converter on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Run Apple Music Converter, iTunes will be launched automatically.

Step 3. On Apple Music Converter interface, you will find all you Apple Music songs and playlists, together with iTunes songs, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, etc. Check the checkbox before the files you want to remove DRM from. You can also search the file you want with the search box.

Step 4. Choose MP3 as output format. You can also choose M4A, AC3, AAC, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R or MKA as output format.

Step 5. Click "Convert" button and you will get DRM-free Apple Music after conversion.

Convert Apple Music to MP3

If you cannot use myFairTunes on iTunes 12 or if you want to find myFairTunes for Mac, just get the free trial version of Apple Music Converter to have a try.


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