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How to Move iTunes Music Library to OneDrive

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
Last Updated: Oct. 25, 2016

OneDrive, previously SkyDrive, is a file hosting service that available for free to all the owners of a Microsoft account. With OneDrive, you can store and back up you files for as long time as you like, sync and share all kinds of files with others, and get to them from anywhere. But if you want to move your iTunes music library to it, there is something you need to know first. iTunes purchased music and Apple Music are have the DRM copyright protection to prohibit sharing. Therefore, you need to bypass the DRM of those music files before uploading them to OneDrive.

Part 1 Unlock the DRM-protected iTunes Music

To help you strip DRM restriction from Apple Music streams, we strongly recommend Apple Music Converter for you. This program will help the Apple Music subscribers remove the copyright protection from Apple Music songs via converting tracks to common MP3, AAC, M4A and FLAC, etc. with ID tags and metdata information. What's more, this program provides you up to 16X faster conversion speed to save your time.

Apple Music Converter – Strip the DRM for Backup

Apple Music Converter provides a professional solution to convert Apple Music to DRM-free format to get full ownship of the songs.

Step 1. Open Apple Music Converter

Open Apple Music Converter after installtion. In the meantime, iTunes will appear automatically.

Open Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Select offline Apple Music

All the files in your iTunes library will be uploaded to different categories of the program. Nagivate to the "Playlist" selection and find music. Then, you can choose songs you want to remove the DRM by ticking the front box.

Select Music Files

Step 3. Choose Output Format

Select your ideal output format from the format list. Remember to specify the output path for finding destination folder quickly. Besides, the audio settings is also available to be changed if you need.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Remove DRM Protection

Now you can start to unlock the DRM encryption of the Apple Music songs by clicking "Convert" button.  Once the task completed, you will get the DRM-free Apple Music so as to back them up to OneDrive.

Converting iTunes Music

Part 2 Move the iTunes Music Library to OneDrive

Step 1. Find the iTunes Music Folder

Find your iTunes media library folder path on your computer and then locate the music folder without DRM and the converted DRM-free Apple Music.

Find iTunes Music Folder

Step 2. Move the iTunes music to OneDrive

1. If your computer or device runs Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, you'll find OneDrive listed in the left column of File Explorer. You can sign in with your Microsoft account and then directly drag and drop your iTunes music library folder into the OneDrive folder. Windows will begin to upload all your songs to your OneDrive automatically.

Move iTunes Music to OneDrive

2. If you have Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, or Mac, open your browser and sign into the OneDrive website with your account to upload iTunes music library. Alternatively, you can download and install OneDrive on your computer to create an OneDrive folder to get access to iTunes music library.

Upload Folder to Web OneDrive

When you finished all the steps, the iTunes music library including Apple Music will be moved to OneDrive. Not only OneDrive but the Google Drive or Dropbox can be a good choice for you to upload and backup entire iTunes music. Start your work with Apple Music Converter now. Any questions, contact us by email or leave your comment below.



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