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M4P DRM Removal: Strip DRM from iTunes M4P

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LAST UPDATED: Jan. 04, 2017

Apple fans are not new to M4P format which is encrypted by FairPlay Digital Rights Management. Before 2009, Apple sold music through the iTunes Store use the .m4p extension. From 2009, iTunes Plus came and all iTunes Plus tracks are unencrypted while using .m4a extension accordingly. However, with the advent of Apple Music IN 2015, M4P come back. All music you downloaded from Apple Music is encrypted and end with .m4p.

So I understand why an M4P DRM Removal is still extremely needed today. Music in M4P format can only play with Apple products such as iTunes, iPhone, and iPad. If you want to play M4P files on Android phones and tablets, Sonos hi-fi systems and other gadgets that didn't come from Apple and can't run iTunes, you have to strip DRM from M4P first.

Apple Music Converter is one of the best M4P DRM Removal. It lets you easily crack DRM off iTunes music, so your purchased songs can be played on any device you like.

Why is this M4P DRM Removal helpful?

  • If you still have many old iTunes purchased tracks (M4P files) with DRM that don't work on non-Apple devices, you don't need to upgrade to iTunes Match, because Apple Music Converter can convert them to DRM-free files.

  • If you download many Apple Music songs on your computer but want to play them on the MP3 player, Android phone, Windows phone and even the old iPod nano, iPod classic, etc., Apple Music Converter can remove DRM from Apple Music M4P files and convert Apple Music to MP3. Free download the trial version of the M4P DRM Removal and follow the guide to strip DRM from M4P files.

Free download the trial version of the M4P DRM Removal and follow the guide to strip DRM from M4P files.


Remove DRM from DRM with the Best M4P DRM Removal

Step 1. Install and Launch M4P DRM Removal

Click the "Download" button to get M4P DRM Removal. Then, install and open it on your PC or Mac. iTunes will be opened at the same time. A few seconds later, all iTunes medias in your iTunes library will be synced to the program automatically.

M4P DRM Removal
Step 2. Choose M4P Files

Click the playlist on the left side and then select those M4P files or Apple Music you want to remove DRM. You can also search the songs you need. If you are not sure if the music is DRM encrypted, check the "Type".

Choose M4P Files
Step 3. Set Output Format

Aside from removing DRM, the software also allows you to convert M4P to MP3, M4P to M4A, M4P to FLAC, etc. Select an output format you need. For example, MP3.

Set Output Format
Step 4. Customize Output File Name (Optional)

Since the downloaded M4P Apple Music usually begin with numbers in their name, you may want to adjust them.

Download Apple Music to PC

Go to "Options" and tick "Set Custom format for output file name", then you can adjust the file name in specific order. For example, you select "Title, Artist, Album" then the file will be saved in such a name like "title-artist-album".

Customize Output File Name
Step 5. Remove DRM and Convert M4P to MP3

When everything is ready, click "Convert" to start removing DRM from M4P and convert them to MP3. After conversion, you can find the DRM-free files by clicking on "Explore Save File".

Remove DRM and Convert M4P to MP3

This is the whole guide on how to remove DRM from M4P. Hope this article can help you free DRM from iTunes songs forever. Here are more useful DRM related articles:


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