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Tips for Windows Users to Play M4B Audiobooks

Roger W.
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As a Windows user, have you ever met with the difficulty that you fail to open M4B audiobooks on your computer? It is because most M4B audiobooks are protected by DRM, a kind of technological digital protection. This little guard protects the audiobooks from being copied and transferred. To this kind of M4B audiobooks, it is necessary for you to remove their DRM first.

Part 1: How to Play iTunes M4B Audiobooks on Windows 10/8/7

There are two situations of M4B audiobooks. Mostly, the iTunes M4B audiobooks would be protected by DRM. Under this circumstance, if you want to play them on Windows, you have to remove DRM from these files. Here you need the assist of Apple Music Converter.

You may wonder how can an app for the Apple Music Conversion can be used to convert audiobooks? Actually, this multifunctional app can be used to convert the format of Apple Music, videos, and audiobooks as well as remove the DRM from them. With this software, you can easily strip DRM from M4B files and convert them to plain MP3 or M4A format which supported by most media players. In the following paragraphs, I'll show you how to operate it.

Apple Music Converter- Convert M4B audiobooks to DRM-free files

This application can not only remove DRM and convert the format of the files but also keep the chapters of M4B audiobooks under the format of M4A, MP3.

Step 1. Install the app

The first step you have to do is to install Apple Music Converter. Click on the "Download" button to get a copy of this software on your Windows or Mac computer. Installment finished, open it and check if it can connect to your iTunes. If a connection is successful, make sure you can find the list of your audiobooks in the application.

Step 2. Select the audiobooks

Select the iTunes M4B audiobooks from the list. Tick the little boxes before the titles of them.

Select Audiobooks
Step 3. Output files setting

Set the format of your output audiobooks as MP3 format. Choose the output folder here and you will find the converted audiobooks in this folder after conversion. Besides, you can also set the bitrate of your audiobooks. Which can make sure your files are in good quality.

Choose MP3 as Output Format
Step 4. Conversion speed and chapters saved (Optional)

In the "Options", you can find the setting of conversion speed. You can choose from1x to 16x according to your own need. Also, you can sort the classification of your output files on the basis of the title, authors, etc. of the output audiobooks. More importantly, to M4A, MP3 audiobooks, you can save their chapters by selecting the "Metadata tags".

Set Preference of Conversion
Step 5. Convert M4B to MP3

Just click on the "Convert" and wait for the conversion. It will be finished in few minutes.

Converting M4B to MP3

After conversion, you get the DRM-free M4B audiobooks. Transfer them to your computer, then the audiobooks can be played by most media players.

Part 2: How to Open DRM-free M4B Audiobooks on Windows Directly

However, not all the M4B audiobooks are protected by DRM. Some of them are free and not have DRM. Can we play them directly? So how can we play these audiobooks?

The answer to this question is YES. You can see the operations below:

Step 1. Choose a media player which supports the M4B format

You have to make sure the media play you use supports M4B format. For example, you can use Windows Media Player, which would be installed in many people's PC. Many other media players are available. Choose the one you prefer.

Set Preference of Conversion
Step 2. Open the audiobooks with media players.

Do the right click to open the selected audiobooks, then you will see the option "Open with". Choose Windows Media Player or other players. Click on “OK”.

Set Preference of Conversion
Step 3. Play the audiobooks

If there occurred a warning that the file is not recognized by Windows Media Player, ignore it and choose "Yes". Then play the audiobooks. It would be successfully played.

Part 3: Top 3 Best Windows Audiobook Players

Here I'd like to recommend three Windows Audiobook Players for you guys.

1. Angel's Vox

This is the first Windows Audiobook Player from the market. It supports MP3, MPEG-4, OGG, etc. The interface of Angel's Vox is simple and easy to understand. If you consider that the speed of the audiobook is too slow, you can speed up it for saving time. You can also edit the files or add more to the library in your preference. It also has a sleep timer feature, which helps you to quip of the system in a certain time.

Set Preference of Conversion
2. Trout

This app also has a simple interface and support lots of formats such as AIFF, AIF, AIFC, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGA, OGG, WAV, and so on. The feature of this app is that it has the option of track announcement. Besides, many kinds of play model will be listed in the program for you to choose, such as play files, play random files from the list, etc.

Set Preference of Conversion
3. Music Bee

This music player can also be used as audiobook player. The reason that I suggest is that it has a lock down option and needs a password to get it unlock. It protects the privacy of users. This program also provides a mini player and is able to get the information of tracks.

Set Preference of Conversion

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