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iTunes DRM Removal: Remove DRM from iTunes Music & Movie

Roger W.
BY Roger W.   
LAST UPDATED: Feb. 15, 2017

"Oh, I need an iTunes DRM Removal!" This idea flashed across my mind. Many Apple device users might have the same needs.

I like to watch a lot of iTunes movies on different devices. Some of them are made by Apple, like my iPad Pro and iPhone, but some are made by others, like Samsung TV and Android phones. But DRM - short for Digital Rights Management, prohibits me from doing so. I cannot play the iTunes music or movies on any device other than the intended device.

If you are an iTunes user and are suffering from the inconvenience caused by the Apple FairPlay DRM, here you will get 3 iTunes DRM removal tools which can help you remove DRM from iTunes songs, movies, audiobooks, iBooks and Apple Music.

Since Requiem and myFairTunes won't work anymore for most people, I won't recommend this two freeware to you. For more information about these two tools, please read:

myFairTunes Failed to Convert Apple Music? Solved!

Requiem Out of Date? New Solution to Remove iTunes DRM Found

Important Note: This guide is for personal use only. Do not circulate decrypted movie or music over the internet or using any other media.

Apple Music Converter – Remove DRM from M4P and Apple Music

Apple Music Converter

What Apple Music Converter can do for you:

Remove DRM from Apple Music songs;

• Remove DRM from old M4P iTunes songs without needing using iTunes Match;

Remove DRM from Audible AA and AAX audiobooks with chapter information kept.

• Convert Apple Music, iTunes songs, and audiobooks to MP3, AIFF, AC3, FLAC, M4A, etc.


Review: I love to use Apple Music Converter. It an appealing idea to play Apple Music on any device, especially playing Apple Music on iPod Shuffle which is not supported to install Apple Music App. Apple Music Converter is available on both on Windows and Mac. Once you download and install it, it's pretty easy to get started and remove DRM from Apple Music or Audible audiobooks. I have kept my favorites songs on my computer now. The Apple Music will never be disappeared even if I cancel the Apple Music subscription.

iTunes M4V Converter - Remove DRM from iTunes Movies, TV Shows, and Music Videos

What iTunes M4V Converter can do for you:

Remove DRM from purchased iTunes movies, TV episodes and music videos;

• Remove DRM from rented iTunes videos, breaking the 24 or 48 hours watching time limitation;

• Convert M4V to the most popular format - MP4;

• Retain AC3 5.1 Dolby audio tracks, subtitles, and HD video quality.

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Review: There are so many tools in the market claiming that they can remove DRM from iTunes video, but I like iTunes M4V Converter in particular. It is lightweight, easy-to-use and most importantly, it is efficient. It removes DRM from iTunes video and converts iTunes video from M4V to DRM free MP4. It would be very helpful if you have lots of movies and TV episodes purchased from iTunes Store which you'd like to transfer to PS4, PS3, Kindle Fire HD, Android Phones and Tablets, TV, etc. iTunes M4V Converter is fully compatible with the latest macOS Sierra. At last, I have to say that Windows users are out of luck as iTunes M4V Converter is only available on Mac.

iTunes M4V Converter

Tips: For Windows users, you can use DRM Media Converter to remove DRM from iTunes Videos. Though it is not as good as iTunes M4V Converter, it can really remove DRM from iTunes.

iBook DRM Removal - I Haven't Found Yet

iBook DRM Removal

There is a lot of articles written for DRM Removal but those are related to non-Apple books i.e. Adobe DRM, Kindle, Barnes & Noble etc. Apple has a special FairPlay DRM, so books purchased from iBooks Store will not work with those tools. Three or four years ago, there was an open-source tool called Requiem announced it supported iBooks DRM removing. But it didn't last long, Apple immediately enhanced their encryption method, and Requiem project came to the end later.

I haven't found any other program that can remove Apple iBooks Fairplay DRM again after Requiem stopped updating. If you know one, please leave your comments below.


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