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Apple Music Converter Troubleshooting: iTunes 12.6 Problem

Roger W.
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LAST UPDATED: Mar. 23, 2017

Important note:
Good News! Now, Apple Music Converter is fully compatible with iTunes 12.6. You can directly click the download button to upgrade Apple Music Converter to the latest version which works with iTunes 12.6 well.


Most users have found the problem that Apple Music Converter can't launch iTunes properly to add or convert any Apple Music tracks at all after upgrading to the latest release of iTunes 12.6. This problem is being addressed urgently by our technical team. And once the new version of Apple Music Converter is available, our support team will notify customers who have encountered this error as soon as possible. Or you can follow our official website or Facebook for any updates and news about this problem.

However, at present, iTunes 12.6 is not supported. If you need to use Apple Music Converter at the moment, you are advised to downgrade to the iTunes 12.5.5 or older version which are supported by the program. Please follow the guide below to fix it in a quick manner.

Step 1. Completely Uninstall iTunes 12.6

If you are using 32-bit Windows, open Control Panel and click "Uninstall a program" in the Programs section. Find the five components of iTunes 12.6 shown in the below image and uninstall all of them completely. The five components are including: Apple Application Support, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, iTunes and Bonjour.

If you are running on 64-bit of Windows, you may find you have different iTunes components as the following image shows. Then use the Control Panel to uninstall iTunes and related software components in the following order:

1. iTunes

2. Apple Software Update

3. Apple Mobile Device Support

4. Bonjour

5. Apple Application Support 32-bit

6. Apple Application Support 64-bit

(Note: Don't uninstall these components in a different order, or only uninstall some of them. Doing so might have unintended effects.)

Uninstall iTunes on Windows

If you are a Mac user, you may need some extra steps to uninstall iTunes 12.6 on your computer, as every Mac computer that Apple sells comes with iTunes pre-installed, and the operating system considers it mandatory. Follow the steps below to uninstall iTunes 12.6 on your Mac:

1. Go to the Applications folder and find the iTunes app.

2. Right-click on iTunes and select Get Info.

3. Locate and click on the padlock icon at the bottom right of the window, and you need to enter your admin password.

4. Click and expand the Sharing & Permissions section. Change the privileges for "everyone" to Read & Write. This will give you complete control of the iTunes application so you can uninstall iTunes from your Mac.

Uninstall iTunes on Mac

5. Close the Get Info window and drag the iTunes application to the Trash.

Step 2. Download and Install iTunes 12.5.5

Once you've uninstalled all iTunes 12.6 components, you can reboot your computer and then install the older iTunes 12.5.5 version from the links provided below:

For Windows Users:

Download iTunes 12.5.5 (32-bit)

Download iTunes 12.5.5 (64-bit)

For Mac Users:

Download iTunes 12.5.5 for Mac

Note: While installing iTunes 12.5.5, please remember to uncheck the auto update of iTunes.

Step 3. Reload Your iTunes library

1. Please go to your own iTunes Library (your home directory –> Music –> iTunes).

2. Click once on the "iTunes Library.itl" file and then click your cursor into the filename under the icon. Add ".old" as a suffix.

3. Open a folder called "Previous iTunes Libraries" in that same directory.

Reload Your iTunes library

4. The most recent copy of your iTunes Library is the one with the ".itl" suffix. That's what we want. Duplicate it (select it and choose File –> Duplicate), then drag the duplicate up to the "iTunes" folder one level above.

5. Click on the filename, then click *into* the filename just once, so you can change it's name. Remove the date stamp so that it just reads "iTunes Library.itl", then relaunch iTunes.

For any other more questions, please feel free to contact us at support@convertanymusic.com


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