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How to Enjoy Apple Music & Spotify on Cowon Plenue 1

Zoey Wesson
BY Zoey Wesson   
LAST UPDATED: Oct. 31, 2016

Everyone around the world listens to music and the online streaming music apps like Apple Music and Spotify music have revolutionized the way we listen to and discover new bands and artists over these years. Just at the touch of a button, you can enjoy Apple Music & Spotify songs whenever you want. Yet there are still some individuals who want to stick with the MP3 player such as Cowon Plenue 1 and listen to songs offline. In this case, this guide is definitely worth your time.

Both Apple Music and Spotify songs are DRM protected, so there is no official way for you to listen to them offline in just any MP3 player you like. For example, you are not able to open and play the M4P Apple Music song on Cowon Plenu 1 unless it is converted to DRM-free MP3/FLAC/WAV and more. But luckily, you can easily solve these problems with two specific programs.

  • For Apple Music lovers, Apple Music Converter is the exact program that will help you rip DRM-protection from Apple Music songs.

  • And Streaming Audio Recorder, instead, is for those who want to download and enjoy Spotify music offline for free. Now let's take a look and find out how to finish the task.

About Cowon Plenue 1

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  • Burr-Brown PCM1791A DAC with world class performance

  • Up to 256 GB of storage capability

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Part 1 Enjoy Apple Music on Cowon Plenue 1

Apple Music Converter is able to remove iTunes music and Apple Music DRM protection and convert M4P to MP3. It supports up to 16X faster conversion speed and there'll be no quality loss during the process. You can convert multiple tracks once at a time. And the converted MP3 and M4A files will preserve full ID3 tags.


Step 1. Launch Apple Music Converter

First, make sure that you've installed iTunes on your PC, then run Apple Music Converter. A few seconds later, iTunes will be launched automatically.

Preview iTunes Music

Step 2. Select Apple Music to convertn

Click on "Refresh" button to update the iTunes library. Then choose "Music" or "Library" in the left panel to display the music files stored in iTunes. Or you can search the files you want by using the Search box.

Preview iTunes Music

Step 3. Convert M4P to MP3 on computer

Choose the output format: you can choose to convert Apple Music songs to M4A, AC3, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, M4R, etc. from the drop-down list.

Select Output Format

Start to convert: click on "Convert" button to start the conversion. It will take seconds or minutes to finish the process. It all depends on the number of files you need to convert.

Convert Audio Files

Step 4. Enjoy Apple Music on Cowon Plenue 1

Now you can transfer the DRM-free MP3 files to your Cowon Plenue 1 for entertainment.

Part 2 Listen to Spotify Songs on Cowon Plenue 1

Streaming Audio Recorder can record steaming music, online podcast, radio show, and sound from microphone. With this audio recorder, you don't have to become a premium member to download Spotify songs. You can record every song you like and keep it for offline enjoyment for good. What's more, you can convert the recordings to any format you desired including MP3, M4A, AAC, WMA, etc. It supports burning audio tracks to CD too!

Step 1. Install and run Streaming Audio Recorder

Download, install and launch the program on your computer. You will see the recording interface as below.

Install Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 2. Start recording by clicking on the “Record” button

Now click on the red “Record” button on the main interface and go to Spotify app and start playing the songs you want to record.

Start Recording

Note: If you hate ads and don’t want to include them in the recordings, you can filter ads by going to "Settings" > "Recording settings" > "Advanced Options" > "Do not save the recording if it's less than X second(s)".

Advanced Settings

Step 3. Convert Spotify songs to MP3

When the program finish recording, you can find the recorded files in the "Library" section. You can convert the recordings to the audio format you like by clicking on the "Convert" button. Once it's done, you can move all Spotify songs to Cowon Plenue 1 and enjoy them immediately.

Select Output Format

Note: This program has a built-in ID3 Tag Identifier which is able to identify and save the songs ID3 tag automatically. Or you can edit the ID3 tags manually with the ID3 Tag Editor.

This is how to own Apple Music and Spotify song permanently. For starters, you can get the free trial version of these two program - Apple Music Converter and Streaming Audio Recorder and learn the basic features of them with actual practice. Have a great time on listening to Apple Music & Spotify song with Cowon Plenue 1!


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