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How to Remove DRM on EBooks Using Calibre

Zoey Wesson
BY Zoey Wesson   
LAST UPDATED: August, 08, 2017

The good news is that Calibre can be an eBook DRM removal more than a book manager. For regular Calibre users, it's really an auspicious service for years' disturbing eBook DRM restriction which terribly limits their fair use to read purchased Ebooks on other common readers. So let's first have a glimpse of this new DRM removal, Calibre.

Kindle to Calibre

Part 1: Type of EBook DRM

DRM Type

Ebook Format




Adobe Digital Editions applied by Barnes & Noble Nook, Google   Play, Sony, Kobo, and Overdrive, plus the third party eBook readers

Amazon DRM



Apple’s Fairplay DRM

EPUB only

EBooks bought from Apple’s iBooks app

Part 2: How Do I Get Rid of the DRM on My Ebooks: Calibre

Calibre is more often an eBook program that helps users better arrange their eBook collection. Surprisingly, now it supports to strip eBook DRM by kindly plugging in a DRM removal, and meanwhile convert eBook to 50 more available formats. In this way, eBook DRM problem will be greatly solved with Calibre's powerful function. By the way, Calibre is a free software to cope with eBook including Kindle books, Barnes and Noble, Adobe Digital Content, etc. Calibre supports OSX, Linux, and Windows since XP SP3. The latest version for Windows is Calibre 1.36.0. Moreover, Calibre allows you to use a browser to manage your eBook collection over the Internet. Following you will get informed how to use Calibre as an eBook DRM removal.

Note: Calibre cannot decrypt Apple's Fairplay DRM.

Step 1: Download Calibre

Calibre is free to download and use. You can directly download it by clicking here. (https://calibre-ebook.com/downoad)

Step 2: Install Calibre

Once you begin to install the Calibre, you will be asked two things.

1. Select which folder to save your existing purchased eBooks. If don't have one, just create a new folder.

Select EBook Folder

2. Next select the proper device that you are using. The default device setting can be changed later if you use more than one device.

Select EBook Device

Step 3: Prepare an Ebook DeDRM Plugin

First, download an e-book DeDRM plugin package and unzip it. Here Apprentice Alf's eBook DRM Removal Tool is recommended for your trial.

Step 4: Add the EBook DRM-Removal Plugin to Calibre

1. After that, open Calibre. Click "Preferences" tag on the top right of the main interface, and then select "Change Calibre Behavior"> "Plugins". 

Prefenences Option

2. Next, you will see a popup window and click "Load plugin from file" button at the bottom right. 

Plug in Files

3. Then you should add the DeDRM_Plugin folder you have already downloaded. 

4. But for Kindle user, then you need to select the first entry "Elnk Kindle ebooks" and click green plus button. Then you need to type your Kindle's serial number and after that, return the "Calibre-Preferences-Plugins" window and click "Apply".

EInk Kindle EBooks

Step 5: Strip the DRM from Ebook with Calibre DRM Removal

Reopen the Calibre. You could directly drag the eBooks from your PC, or click "Add books" to import eBooks. Calibre will automatically strip the DRM encryption from imported eBooks and them to Calibre Library. Also, you can click "Convert books" button to convert DRM-cracked eBooks to other formats like EPUB.

Add EBooks to Calibre


1. If you see a warning window pop up when dragging the eBooks, just click "Select none" button and then "OK" to go on the process.

2. Sometimes you will see two same eBooks in the list. But actually only one of them is valid. Click "Remove books" to delete the useless copy.

3. Calibre doesn't work very well on batch conversion. So pitifully, you'd better convert one eBook in one time.

By using Calibre, you can now successfully free your eBook from DRM trouble and enjoy reading it on any other reader or device. Calibre can be not only an outstanding Liberian to better manage your ideal eBook library, but also a powerful DRM removal to free you from intrusive DRM concerns. Calibre will be a nice choice for your eBook problem. But if you also have other DRM problems, there are some useful suggestions for you.

Part 3: [Bonus] More DRM Removal Tools to Strip DRM from Music & Videos

1. myFairTunes: iTunes Music DRM Removal

  • Free

  • Remove DRM from iTunes M4P music and convert them to MP3

  • Only work on Windows

2. Requiem: iTunes DRM Removal

  • Free

  • Remove DRM from iTunes music, movies, video and eBooks

  • Work on Windows and Mac

3. Apple Music Converter: iTunes Audio DRM Removal and Converter

  • Free Trial experience

  • Remove DRM from M4P/AA/AAX/M4B and convert them to MP3/M4A

  • Work on Windows and Mac


Remove DRM From Apple Music

4. DRM Media Converter: iTunes Media Converter

  • Free Trial experience

  • Remove DRM from M4V, WMV, ASF and etc.

  • Only work on Windows

5. TuneFab M4V Converter: iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter

  • Free Trial experience

  • Remove DRM from M4V and convert M4V to MP4

  • Only work on Mac


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