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Free Way to Download and Convert Myspace to MP3

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
LAST UPDATED: Mar. 16, 2017

Though Myspace is a social networking service, it also contains a large collection of songs and music videos. One highlight of Myspace is the music area which lets users upload music, create playlists and listen to these songs online. From classical ballads to top charting hits, I believe you can find many interesting and cool songs you like. Usually, users can stream their favorite songs online without any restriction. But a missing feature is the ability to download a music track. What if you want to enjoy these music without internet connection? Well, to help you get the MP3 music files from Myspace, we would like to share 2 easy way to download Myspace to MP3 for listening.

Way 1 Free Way to Download Myspace to MP3

First, we are going to share the free method to download and convert Myspace to MP3. GrabThatFile is a good tool which allows you download songs in MP3 format from Myspace. You just need to copy the Myspace URL of the song then you can start the process. But you can only download 4 songs a day unless you donate 2 Euros to remove this restriction.

Step 1. Go to the GrabThatFile.com and you will be asked to login with your Facebook account.


Step 2. After logging in, you need to go to Myspace.com and find the songs you want to download. Copy the URL of the song in the address bar.

Copy the URL

Step 3. Back to GrabThatFile.com. Paste the URL on the "Myspace URL" section and click Grab button. The song will appear. Now you can start download Myspace to MP3 by clicking on the "Grab That File" button.

Download MySpace Songs

Way 2 Easiest Way to Download Myspace to MP3

The free method always comes with some limitations and shortcomings. Besides the conversion number is limited, you will find the audio quality is not as good as you think. If you need a powerful tool that can help you download Myspace to MP3 with original quality preserved, Streaming Audio Recorder can be a good choice. It can record Myspace songs or music videos in MP3 format with lossless quality. As a professional music downloader, it allows you to edit the ID3 tags including artists, album and title by yourself. Download this powerful Myspace to MP3 converter and have a try!

Streaming Audio Recorder – Download Myspace Music to MP3 easily

Want to download Myspace music for listening offline? Get started with Streaming Audio Recorder!

Step 1. Open Streaming Audio Recorder

Have you finished the installation of this program? If yes, now just open this program on your computer. To download music from Myspace to MP3, you need to change the recording settings via clicking "Settings" icon > "Recording Settings" > "Audio Settings" > "System Sound".

Change Record settings

Step 2. Download MP3 Music from Myspace

On the "Record" tab, find and click the red "Record" button. Now this program will start to record the sound from your computer system. Go to Myspace.com and play the music you want to download. And it can identify the songs automatically so you are able to record an entire playlist at one time.

Start Recording

Step 3. Check and Edit the Myspace Music Tracks

Go to "History" and check the recorded Myspace songs. If there are some unwanted part you don't like, you can right-click the song and select "Edit" from the drop-down list. In the pop-up window, you can cut, mix, insert, or overwrite your tracks.

Edit the Myspace Music Tracks

Step 4. Edit the ID3 Tags for Myspace Music

Usually, this program can recognize the music and fix the ID3 tags for you automatically. If you need to edit by yourself, right-click the converted songs and choose "ID3 Tags Editor" to edit the information manually.

Edit the ID3 Tags

So there you have it! Now you can listen to these Myspace songs and check their output quality. Transfer to MP3 player or set as ringtone, just do the thing you like. Streaming Audio Recorder not only support recording Myspace music, but also support recording music from Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, etc.


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