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Easiest Way to Help You Download Audio from Tumblr

Wilson Kent
BY Wilson Kent   
LAST UPDATED: Apr. 11, 2017

Tumblr is a blogging platform that enables everybody to share everything they want to share conveniently. Therefore, it becomes so popular among people who have access to internet. They can share videos, blogs, pictures, music, etc. If you ever attempt to download music from Tumblr, you might know that it can be done with the help of some specific programs. Consequently, which program can you use to download the audio you like from Tumblr so that you can transfer the music into MP3 player or mobile phone for offline playback? Streaming Audio Recorder is highly recommended to help you solve the problem.

An Easy-to-use Tumblr Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder is one of the software that can actually get the audio recording done perfectly without complex operational process when it comes to download audio from Tumblr. This software is virus-free by the way. It helps you record the music from Tumblr with a simple method yet without losing any quality and you can choose to save the audio you record as several alternative formats such as AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. Besides, you can also decide the output audio quality according to your preference.

Streaming Audio Recorder – High Quality Recorder

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How to Download Audio from Tumblr with Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 1. Install and Launch Streaming Audio Recorder

Before you start using Streaming Audio Recorder, you should download it and run the installation program. After the installation is finished, you can launch the software and go to the interface of the software.

Install and Launch

Step 2. Start Recording the Audio from Tumblr

After all settings are done, you can start recording the audio. You need to switch back to Tumblr and play the music you want to record first then click the red button. If you think that it's not convenient to shift from two program interface you can use the keyboard shortcut to start/pause the recording. 

That is, you turn back to the Tumblr page and start playing the music, you need to start the recording(Alt+F6) and playing at the same time. After the playing is over, you need to end the recording with it (Alt+F10). Once the recording is completed, the output audio will be sent to "Library". You can check out the music you just record.

Start Recording the Audio

Step 3. Change the Output Audio Format (Optional)

Click the setting icon on the top right and get into the setting interface. Click "Record settings" then you are able to adjust the output audio quality and its output format. After you make sure the settings are over then click "OK".

Change Output Audio Format

Three simple steps is all it takes to download audio from Tumblr. You can also use this software to extract music from YouTube videos if you love the music. In addition, if you want to extract audio files from iTunes movies, you will need Apple Music Converter.


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