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Recommendation: Freeware for You to Convert M4V to MP4

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
Last Updated: August, 14, 2017

Whether you are a fan of iTunes or not, you may know that all the iTunes movies, TV shows, and music videos are in M4V format. However, the DRM protection and incompatibly of M4V makes users fail to play M4V videos with many devices and media players. As a result, people’s demand for converting iTunes M4V videos to MP4 format is increasing. However, is there any freeware we could make use of to accomplish the conversion?

Actually, there do have some freeware which are good enough for us to convert DRM-free M4V to MP4 easily. In the following post, I'd like to introduce 3 popular freeware for you.

Part 1: The Popular M4V to MP4 Converter Freeware

1. VideoSolo


VideoSolo Free Video Converter is absolutely free for users to convert the format of videos to 300+ formats with good quality. Using this app, you can freely convert your M4V videos into MP4 format, then use them on any devices you want. This app also offers an easy-does-it batch video/audio conversion, with which you can handle lots of videos and audios simultaneously. You are able to convert a number of M4V videos into MP4 at the same time. This feature could save you a lot of time.

2. HandBrake


HandBrake could convert the format of M4V into MP4 easily, swiftly, and with good quality. After conversion, you are able to play the videos on any other devices which supports MP4. However, HandBrake has a limitation that it can only convert some DRM-free M4V. As a result, when it comes to iTunes M4V videos, HandBrake would have no advantage in bypassing the DRM of DRM-ed M4V videos like other DRM converters can do.

3. Convertio


Convertio is a free online converter, which supports the conversion from M4V videos to MP4 format. This program is easy to operate. You just need to drag your files onto this page, you can convert the files in few seconds. And you don't need to download a program since the conversion will be finished just through the browser.

Part 2: Guidance for The Best DRM-ed M4V to MP4 Converter

Although the freeware needs no charges and are able to convert the M4V videos to the common format, they are only available for DRM-free M4V. Most of them fail to remove DRM. If your M4V videos are DRM-protected, such as the iTunes M4V videos, you cannot use this freeware to change their format.

iTunes M4V Converter is a rather good converter to remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos and convert it into common MP4. This M4V Converter can not only keep the original videos with 100% lossless quality, but also reach a 30x conversion speed. Let’s see how to use it:

iTunes M4V Converter – Convert iTunes M4V Videos to MP4

This multifunctional app help to strip DRM from iTunes M4V videos and convert it into MP4 format.

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Step 1: Launch iTunes M4V Converter

Download the iTunes M4V Converter. Make sure you have also installed an iTunes and will sync with each other when you run the iTunes M4V Converter.

Step 2: Import The M4V Videos into The Program

Click on "Add Files" to import M4V videos into TuneFab M4V Converter. You are able to choose more than one video each time.

Add iTunes TV Show

Step 3: (Optional) Select The Audio Tracks and Subtitles

You can set the audio tracks and subtitles of your output videos so that you can easily find them after conversion.

Select Audio Track

Step 4: Convert M4V to MP4

The last step is to start the conversion. Click on the "Convert" button, you can easily remove DRM from the videos and convert M4V into MP4 format.

Convert iTunes Video

Comparing to the converter freeware, iTunes M4V Converter is much more professional since it can not only convert the format of M4V, but also remove DRM from the DRM-protected M4V videos. Have a try for it, you will find that it's quite convenient and high-efficient.

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