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3 Method to Convert M4A to MP3

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
LAST UPDATED: Mar. 08, 2017

M4A format is widely used for unprotected music downloaded from Apple iTunes Store. Though the quality of M4A is better and its file size is smaller compared to MP3 file, there are still some limitations on M4A playback. If you receive some music file or record the audio in M4A format, you can't open it at will. But the problem can be solved by converting M4A to MP3 format. Now check out the most effective methods below to learn how to convert M4A into MP3.

Part 1 M4A Compatible Devices and M4A Players

Usually, the Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV, are able to play M4A files smoothly. And PCs and tables running iTunes or QuickTime are also compatible with M4A format. Besides, gadgets or media players like Windows Media Player, VLC, Roxio Popcorn, Toast and Creator can also open M4A files. However, still many popular devices, such as Android devices, PSP and Samsung Smart TV, are unfriendly with M4A format.

So, you will find that many popular devices are unfriendly with M4A format like Android smartphone, PSP, Samsung smart TV, etc.

Part 2 How to Convert M4A to MP3 Using iTunes

Step 1. Make sure your M4A files are added in iTunes library. If not, you need to add the M4A files to iTunes via "File" > "Add Files to Library".

Step 2. Click on "Edit" Menu and select "Preference". The General tab will be opened by default. Then, click "Import Settings" button.

Step 3. Click the drop-down to the right of "Import Using" and select MP3 Encoder. And, you can adjust the bit rate at which your songs will be encoded. When you're done, click "OK" to save the settings, and then click OK again.

Step 4. Choose the M4A files you want to convert, then click on the "File" > "Convert" > "Create MP3 Version". iTunes will start the M4A to MP3 conversion automatically.

Convert M4A to MP3 with iTunes

Part 3 How to Convert M4A to MP3 using Online Free Converter

If you don't want to use iTunes to convert your M4A files, you can get help from some free online M4A to MP3 converters. As far as I know, there are various free online converters like Media-Convert, Zamzar, Media.io, FileZigZag, etc. Here we're going to demonstrate how to convert M4A to MP3 online via FileZigZag.

Step 1. Go to FileZigZag.com and click the "Select" button to upload the original M4A audio files.

Step 2. From "Convert to" section, choose the MP3 format from the output format list.

Step 3. Type your email address on the blank box to receive the converted file.

Step 4. Click on "Convert" button to start converting M4A to MP3. Now you just need to wait for the email with a link to the converted MP3 file.

Convert M4A to MP3 with FileZigZag

Part 4 How to Convert M4A to MP3 with Apple Music Converter

Since the online M4A to MP3 converters are free, they usually come with advertisements. And some of them even come with built-in player installed on your computer. Therefore, we would like to introduce a clean, safe and easy-to-use tool to help you convert M4A to MP3.

Apple Music Converter has the ability to convert M4A to MP3 and make the conversion even easier. With only few clicks, you can finish the whole process. And, this program is actually designed to convert DRM-ed Apple Music, iTunes M4P, M4B, Audible AA/AAX files to MP3, MKA, FLAC, MKV, etc. So, you can also use this program to convert the protected iTunes audio file. Better still, it can keep the output MP3 and M4A with ID3 tags preserved.

Step 1. Open Apple Music Converter on your computer. iTunes will be open with it automatically.

Step 2. Find the "Playlist" that contains the M4A files. Then choose the M4A files you want to convert on the right side one by one.

Step 3. Go to "Output Settings" which allows you to set output format and output folder. Select the MP3 format from the drop-down list and adjust the output folder path as per your requirement.

Step 4. Click on "Convert" button to begin M4A to MP3 conversion. After conversion, click on "Explore Saved File" to locate the converted files.

Convert M4A to MP3

With these three method, I believe you can find the best one which can help you convert M4A to MP3 easily. Anyway, any method has its own pros and cons. But you can take a try with these methods and then make decision.


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