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How to Keep Chapters When Converting Audiobooks

Zoey Wesson
BY Zoey Wesson   
LAST UPDATED: Mar. 02, 2017

We are in the age of podcasts, radio apps and audiobooks. Speaking of audiobooks, it is always great to listen to audiobooks from companies like Audible when you're traveling or on commutes. However, audiobooks on iTunes and Audible come with DRM protection which limits users' freedom to play their audiobooks on other third-party devices, burn audiobooks to CD or even share the content with friends. So in previous posts, we've discussed about how to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 so that you can break the DRM restriction and do whatever you like with your audiobooks.

But there is one thing that you should pay attention to during the conversion of DRM audiobooks, that is, how to keep chapters while converting DRM audiobooks? If you ignore this, then there will be no chapter breaks when you play the converted audiobooks and you will have to listen to the whole book without being able to move ahead chapter by chapter. Thus, before you use or purchase any of the audiobook converter, make sure that it features the ability to convert protected AAX/AA/M4B with chapters preserved. Apple Music Converter is such a DRM audiobook converter that supports keeping chapters when converting those audiobooks to M4A files.

How to Convert DRM-ed Audiobooks with Chapters Kept

Apple Music Converter is specialized in removing DRM from Audible AA/AAX files, iTunes M4B/M4A files and purchased M4P files on iTunes and Apple Music. It's a powerful audiobook DRM removal software that can convert any protected M4B, AA, AAX audiobooks to plain M4A, MP3, AC3, FLAC, MKA, etc. Most importantly, audiobooks converted to M4A will be marked by chapters. In this post we'll show you how to preserve chapters while converting audiobooks to M4A.


Note: Please import audiobooks to iTunes before starting the conversion.

Step 1. Launch Apple Music Converter

Open Apple Music Converter and iTunes will be launched automatically. As you can see from the screenshot, this program will add and show all iTunes media files on the main interface so you can preview all iTunes media like audiobooks, videos, podcast, etc. directly.

Launch Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Choose Audiobooks to Convert

Now click on "Audiobooks" and select the files you would like to convert to M4A. You are able to select one or more items at a time because this program supports batch conversion.

Choose Audiobooks to Convert

Step 3. Select M4A as Output Format

You need to choose the output format as M4A in order to keep the chapters. Go to "Output Settings" > "Output Format" and select M4A.

Select M4A as Output Format

Step 4. Convert Audiobooks to M4A

Now you can click on the "Convert" button to convert the DRM-ed audiobooks to common M4A. Normally, the conversion speed will be 5 but if you want to make the process faster, you can adjust the conversion speed from 1X to 16X faster. When the conversion is done, you can get the audiobooks with chapters.

Convert Audiobooks to M4A

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