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How to Convert AAX to MP3 on Windows & Mac

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Last Updated: Oct. 21, 2016

If you have tried to transfer the AAX audible content to your MP3 player but failed before, take comfort in the fact that AAX come with a Digital Rights Management (DRM) that keeps them from being transferring or sharing. If you want to play Audile audiobooks on the MP3 player, you should bypass DRM protection of AAX audiobooks and convert AAX to MP3. Follow the below steps to change AAX to MP3 on Mac or Windows.

What will you learn in this post?

Part 1 How to Convert AAX to MP3

To convert DRM protected AAX to MP3, you need an AAX DRM remover. Apple Music Converter is the best AAX Converter that is able to help Audible and iTunes audiobook consumers to bypass DRM protection from M4B, M4A, AA, AAX audiobooks. It can convert AAX, AA, M4A, M4B audiobooks to MP3, AAC, FLAC for any audio players. Better yet, The ID Tags will be preserved in output MP3 or M4A files while converting. Download the program and follow the guide below to convert AAX to MP3.

Apple Music Converter - Convert Audible and iTunes Audiobook to MP3

Convert AAX/AA file to MP3 or AAC format which is playable on all portable devices. Both Windows and Mac versions of the program are available.

Step 1. Add AAX Audiobooks to iTunes Playlist

Launch iTunes and go to Books >Audiobook section. Then click File > Library > Import Playlist to import the Audible AAX audiobook files to iTunes library.

Add AAX Audiobooks to iTunes

Step 2. Run the AAX Audiobook Converter

Now launch the AAX Converter you have installed on your computer. The program will automatically fetch the available AAX audiobooks present on iTunes. If you don't see them, click "Refresh" to refresh the list.

Run AAX Audiobook Converter

Step 3. Choose AAX Files You Want to Convert

From the left panel, choose the "Audiobook" category that includes AAX audiobooks that you wanted to convert. Tick the audiobooks you want to convert. You can search audiobooks according to the information such as Name, Artist, and Album in the Search box.

Step 4. Set MP3 as Output Format

To convert AAX audiobooks to MP3, simple choose "MP3" as output format. Other areas will be automatically filled by the software with default values. If you wish to change them, you could also do that by changing the values in respective areas.

Set MP3 as Output Format

Tips: You can set a few figures by clicking "Options" in the left-upper corner if needed. There you can set custom conversion speed, set custom format for output file name and keep metatags of your audiobooks.

Meta Tags

Step 5. Remove DRM and Convert AAX to MP3

Click the "Convert" button to convert the DRM-protected Audible AAX audiobooks to common MP3 format.

Convert AAX to MP3

Video Guide: Convert AAX to MP3


Part 2How to Find Free Audible AAX Files with Search Engines

Want to save money and find free Audible AAX audiobooks? There's a simple trick to search for free Audible files online.

Just input "$0.00 site:audible.com" on Google or DuckDuckGo search engine. Select those you want in the results.

Find Free Audible AAX Files

Part 3Audible AA vs AAX

The Audible format (represented by the file extension .aa, .aax, and .aax+) is a proprietary audio scheme developed by Audible, Inc. It is specifically designed for the secure distribution and use of audiobooks on various software and hardware devices. Audible Manager, iTunes and Windows Media Player can play Audile audiobooks.

In audible.com, you will see the table below. So what is the meaning of these terms?

Audible Audiobook Format

  • Format 2 (. AA): this has a bitrate of 8 Kbps and its sound quality is classed as AM radio.

  • Format 3 (. AA): the bitrate for this format is 16 kbps and produces a sound that is on a par with FM radio.

  • Format 4 (. AA): Sound at this level is encoded at 32 kbps and the quality of sound is categorized at standard MP3 level.

  • Enhanced Audio (. AAX /. AAX+): this format has the highest Audible bit rate of 64 kbps and is deemed as having CD quality sound.

AAX, Audible Enhanced Audiobook File extension, is a newly audio format developed by Audible in 2009. AAX audiobooks are available from Audible.com, AudibleKids, and the iTunes Store. It is similar to the standard AA audiobook file type but may include other features such as images and links.

Write in the End

To prevent the unauthorized copying and playing of downloaded audiobooks, the Audible format uses an encryption algorithm (generically referred to DRM copy protection). If you want to play AAX files without restrictions, just take advantage of Apple Music Converter. After the AAX to MP3 conversion, you can easily import converted MP3 audiobooks to any media players, such as Android devices, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman, etc.



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