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The Easiest Way to Convert AAX to MP3 for Android

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
Last Updated: Feb. 09, 2017

Have you ever received a file from your friends with AAX format? When you tried to open the AAX file on your Android smartphone, you will failed to do that. Why? If you like to listen to audiobooks, you must have heard about Audible.com. Audible.com is one of the most popular online audiobook store which offers tons of downloadable and interesting digital audiobooks to users. Usually, the audiobooks on Audible.com are encoded in AA or AAX file format which are encrypted by DRM copyright protection. That is the reason why you can't play AAX files on your Android phone unless you install the Audible application on your smartphone and purchase the audiobooks again.

But you might don't want to waste the money and think the method above is too troublesome. Luckily, another simple method is converting AAX to MP3 for enjoying on the trip. To convert AAX to MP3, the common audio converter doesn't work. What you need is a powerful AAX converter called Apple Music Converter which has the ability to remove DRM from AAX file thus to convert the AAX audiobooks to MP3. This program can help users convert protected M4P, M4B and AA/AAX to DRM-free format like MP3, FLAC, AC3, M4A, etc. with the original ID3 tags preserved.

Apple Music Converter – AAX to MP3 Converter

This program can help you unlock the DRM restriction from AAX files and then transfer to any devices for enjoying.


Tips: How to Convert AAX to MP3 for Android

Step 1. Add AAX Files to iTunes

Before starting, make sure you have installed the latest iTunes on your computer. Now, you need to go to Books > Audiobook section. Then click on the "File" on menu bar > "Library" > "Import Playlist" to import the Audible AAX files to iTunes library.

Add AAX Files to iTunes

Step 2. Launch Apple Music Converter

Once you opened this AAX audiobooks converter, iTunes will be automatically launched. At the same time, this program will detect the AAX audiobooks in iTunes.

Launch Apple Music Converter

Step 3. Select AAX Audiobooks

On the left "Playlist" section, click the "Audiobook" category. And then select one or more AAX audiobook files which you want to convert by tick the front box one by one.

Select AAX Audiobooks

Step 4. Choose MP3 Format

From the "Output" section, open the drop-down format list and then set MP3 as output format. Then the profile settings will be automatically adjusted according to the selected MP3 format. Additionally, you can specify the destination folder which you want to save the converted files in.

Choose MP3 Format

Step 5. Convert AAX Audiobooks to MP3

Have you finished all the settings? Now you can start converting AAX to MP3 for playing on Android via tapping on the "Convert" button.

Convert AAX Audiobooks to MP3

Wait for a few seconds, the DRM protection will be removed from AAX audiobook files and you can find the converted MP3 audiobooks in the destination folder. Today, we introduce this method to help you convert AAX to MP3 for Android with Apple Music Converter. Next time, if you come across the AAX files, you can solve this incompatible problem without too much effort.



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