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M4V to DVD: Burn iTunes M4V Movies to DVD with iDVD on Mac

Karlie Harris
BY Karlie Harris   
LAST UPDATED: Jan. 16, 2017

Nowadays, People get used to watching movies, TV shows and episodes on portable devices like smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. However, there still some people who love to watch them on big screen, like TV set with DVD player. For these people, what they care about is the visual feast, instead of convenience.

However, we all know that iTunes purchases and rentals are encrypted with DRM protection. Being restricted by such DRM in M4V format, the iTunes movies, TV shows and music videos can't be importing to iDVD for burning. To burn iTunes movie to DVD with iDVD successfully, you need to strip the copyright protection and convert them to the format supported by iDVD. Next, just follow the steps below and learn how to burn iTunes movies to DVD with iDVD on your Mac PC.

Part 1 How to Convert iTunes Movie to MP4 on Mac

First, the iTunes M4V Converter is a must to help your remove the DRM restriction. iTunes M4V Converter for Mac has the ability to convert protected iTunes movies to common MP4 format, which is recognized by iDVD. What counts the most is that this program can keep the original audio tracks and subtitles in the output video, to help you understand better after burning iTunes movie to DVD.

iTunes M4V Converter for Mac – Wonderful DRM Removal Tool

This program is capable of converting protected M4V videos to MP4 for burning DVD or watching on non-Apple device.

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Step 1. Import iTunes Movies to Program

Open iTunes M4V Converter on your Mac and click on the "add files" button. Then this program will detect all your iTunes file, so you can find your purchased iTunes movies are shown with a list on the left window. Now select the M4V files you want to convert and click on "Add" button.

Import iTunes Movies

Step 2. Customize Output Settings

In the movie info list, find the gear icon and choose the audio track and subtitle you want to preserve. By default it will keep all audio tracks and subtitles.

Choose audio tracks and subtitles

Step 3. Convert iTunes Movies

Now click on the "Convert" button to start removing the DRM protection from iTunes M4V movies. Then all you need to do is wait till the conversion finished. Go to "History", you can find the converted iTunes movies.

Convert iTunes Movies

Part 2 How to Burn iTunes Movies to DVD with iDVD on Mac

Step 1. Open iDVD on Mac PC

Open iDVD on Mac and you will see the main interface shown as below. Choose "Magic DVD" to burn a creative DVD disc with iTunes movie.

Open iDVD on Mac PC

Step 2. Import iTunes Movie to iDVD

Next you need to select the iTunes movies to add to iDVD. The added movies will be shown under the "Drop Movies Here" section. In addition, you can choose a suitable DVD theme for your DVD creation.

Import iTunes Movie to iDVD

Step 3. Burn iTunes Movie to DVD via iDVD

Once the project goes to the preview, just insert a blank DVD into your computer and then click "burn" button as shown.

Burn iTunes Movie to DVD

The time it takes for burning process depends on the duration time of the iTunes movie and the speed of your computer. After the process finished, you can put the DVD to your DVD player to watch iTunes movie on HD TV.


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