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How to Burn Audible Books to CD

Roger W.
BY Roger W.   
LAST UPDATED: Nov. 21, 2016

If you want to make a backup of your Audible audiobooks or play them on car, you would like to burn Audible to CD. Because Audible files are in either .aa or. aax format, usually you can only use iTunes for Audible audiobooks CD burning.

This article will firstly show you how to burn Audible to CD with iTunes 12. However, audiobooks purchased directly from Audible.com can only be burned to CD once with iTunes. Further, Audible audiobooks can only be played on up to three authorized computers, rather than the five-computer limit for iTunes Store purchases. Therefore, many people wonder if it is possible to burn Audible audiobooks to CD more than once. Calm down, we will also tell you the secret on how to burn DRM-ed Audible audiobooks to CD more than one time.

Here we go!

Part 1 How to Burn Audible to CD with iTunes

Step 1. Download the latest version of iTunes and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Import the audiobook files into iTunes library if they are downloaded from other sites, such as Audible.com, by clicking iTunes > File > Library > Import Playlist.

Import Audiobooks to iTunes

Step 3. Click the "Book" icon, then "My audiobooks". If you don't see the "Book" icon, you may need to click the ellipsis menu (…) to locate it.

Step 4. Right-click on the title you wish to burn and then click "Add to Playlist."

Add Audiobooks to Playlist

Step 5. Put a blank CD into the CD drive on your computer and wait for the computer to recognize the CD.

Step 6. Right click the playlist you have just created and select "Burn Playlist to Disc." Then you'll be asked to adjust the burning settings, including the burn speed, disc format, etc. Click "Burn" once you confirmed.

Burn Playlist to Disc

If your audiobook is longer than 74 - 80 minutes, iTunes will prompt when you need to insert a new disc.

Part 2 How to Burn Audible to CD More Than Once

If you want to burn Audible to CD more than once, iTunes cannot help you. But Apple Music Converter can.

To burn Audible to CD several times, you must first remove DRM from Audible audiobooks. Apple Music Converter is the software that can help you strip DRM protection from Audile AA and AAX files and convert them to common MP3. Aside from Audible audiobooks, it can remove DMR from iTunes audiobooks, Apple Music and iTunes songs. After removing DRM from audiobooks, you can burn them to CD as many times as you want.

Apple Music Converter - Audible Audiobooks DRM Removal

Bypass DRM from Audible books and burn Audible audiobooks to CD without any limitation.


Step 1. Install and launch Audible DRM Removal on your computer

Download Audible DRM Removal setup file from the download button above. Then double click it to start installation. After installation, launch it on your computer.

Launch Audible DRM Removal

Step 2. Select audiobooks

All audiobooks in your iTunes will be synced to the program automatically. In the left side of the program, click "Audiobook" and then all audiobooks will be shown on the right side. Just select those you want to burn to CD.

Step 3. Choose output format

Now choose the output format you want. MP3 or M4A is recommended.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Remove DRM from Audible

Click the "Convert" button to convert the DRM-protected Audible AAX audiobooks to common MP3 format.

Remove DRM from Audible

Step 5. Burn Audible audiobooks to MP3 CD

Now you can import the converted audible audiobooks to iTunes and burn them to CD freely. You can burn the Audiobooks to as many CDs as you like for your personal use.



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