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Quick and Easy Guide: How to Convert Audible Files to MP3 on Mac

Zoey Wesson
BY Zoey Wesson   
LAST UPDATED: Feb. 10, 2017

After purchasing or downloading audiobooks from Audible, an online audiobook provider owned by Amazon, the Audible files are in AA format or AAX format. These two formats are digitally encrypted (DRM) so only authorized computer or Audible-Ready devices like Kindle, Audible Ready Players, etc. are able to playback Audible audiobooks. This is mainly why many users wish to convert Audible to MP3.

By converting Audible files to MP3, you can share your purchased audiobooks with your family and friends. You can also playback audiobooks on a variety of non-Audible Ready players like Zune, PSP, Sony Walkman, Creative Zen, Blackberry, etc. In a word, you are able to freely enjoy Audible audiobooks without worrying about format restrictions.

In this guide I will show you how to convert Audible AAX/AA to MP3 on Mac including MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc. Now please read on and see how to remove DRM from Audible files on Mac and get your AAX to MP3 or AA to MP3 conversion done easily and quickly.

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How to Convert Audible Files to MP3 on Mac

The Tool You Will Need:

Apple Music Converter for Mac is an Audible to MP3 converter which can easily remove DRM protection from Audible Audiobook and convert AAX/AA to MP3 for playback on portable devices. Besides MP3, you can also convert the Audible files to M4A, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, MKA or other audio formats. But before you make the conversion, you need to ensure that the audiobooks you wish to convert are imported into iTunes library and are playable on iTunes.

Apple Music Converter for Mac – Convert Audible to MP3 Mac

Apple Music Converter supports up to 16X faster conversion speed and supports batch converting files without losing sound quality.

Steps to Convert AA to MP3 Files

Note: Please make sure that you've added your Audible AA/AAX files to iTunes Library. If not, then follow the steps to add AA/AAX audiobooks to iTunes first.

  • Launch iTunes and go to Books > Audiobook section.

  • Click on "File" > "Add to Library" to add Audible files to iTunes library.

Add Audiobooks to iTunes

Step 1. Launch Audible to MP3 Converter for Mac

Run the program and go to "Audiobooks" from the "Playlist". Then all audiobooks stored in your iTunes library will show up on the main interface.

Launch Apple Music Converter for Mac

Step 2. Select Audible Files to Convert

Select the checkbox to add the audiobooks you want to convert to MP3 into the conversion list. Or you can search specific audiobooks by typing the information such as Name, Artist, Album, etc. in the Search box.

 Select Audible Files to Convert

Step 3. Choose MP3 as Output Format

Simply go to "Output Settings" and locate "Output Format" tab, then select "MP3" as output format. You can also change the output parameters such as codec, bitrate, sample rate, channels, etc.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 4. Convert Audible Files to MP3

Tap on the "Convert" button to convert Audible AA/AAX files to MP3. After the speedy converting, you can enjoy them on any device you have.

Convert Audible Files to MP3

Apple Music Converter for Mac has made our lives more convenient and pleasant, hasn't it? Still not sure if this program is right for you? Try out the free trial version and get to know more about it in just minutes.


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