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A Magic to Use Apple Music without iTunes

Roger W.
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LAST UPDATED: Jul. 24, 2017

The supported devices of Apple Music: iOS 8.4 or later, iTunes 12.2 or later (support OS X Mavericks or later and Windows 7+), Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Android 4.3 or later.

If you want to play Apple Music on your computer, you have to install an iTunes since it cannot be played directly on a browser. But now it is possible for users to listen to Apple Music without iTunes any more. From the passages below you may gain some helps.

Why Apple Music Is Refused by Browser?

That’s because the songs of Apple Music are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), which aims at controlling the second use or sale of the digital contents and devices. Apple Music adopts this technology to protect the songs, making them unable to be played outside Apple Music. As a result, if we need to use Apple Music on the browser, the first thing we have to do is to remove DRM from the songs.

How to Remove DRM from Apple Music?

By virtue of some applications, we can realize the removal of Apple Music DRM successfully. The Apple Music Converter would be a great choice for you to remove DRM. This app can help users enjoy the Apple Music without any limitations. It can remove DRM from the songs completely and turn the format into DRM-free MP3, AC3, M4A, MKA, and FLAC. Without DRM, the songs can be played on any devices. Consequently, iTunes would be not needed when playing the songs of Apple Music. Then, let’s see the procedures below.

Apple Music Converter – Helper of DRM removal

The Apple Music Converter can help to remove DRM in an easy way. The operations are easy to grasp.

Step 1. Install iTunes and Apple Music Converter

Make sure you have download an iTunes, because the playlist of your Apple Music will be showed on it. Then you can download the Apple Music Converter. After installation, run the application. You will find the iTunes has automatically connected to it.

Preview iTunes Music
Step 2. Select the songs you want to convert

From the Playlist on the left side, you can find the items in your iTunes. If there were not, refresh the Playlist manually. Select “Music” then you will see the list of songs in your iTunes show in the right panel. Then select the Apple Music songs you want to remove DRM from.

Select iTunes Music
Step3. Preset the output files

You are able to set you target files in the “Output Setting” such as the format, output folder, and codec, bitrate, sample rate, and channels. Here we choose MP3 as our output format.

Select Output Settings
Step 4. Select the speed of conversion and rename the file (Optional)

This app also provides the function of setting the speed of conversion. You can choose the speed from 1x to 16x according to your own preference. Besides, it is possible for you to rename the output files by title, artist, album, etc. Both of the settings could be found in “Options”> “Convert”> “Set Custom conversion speed for audio convert (1-16)”.

Select the speed of conversion and rename the file
Step 5. Convert successfully and find the converted files

After the setting above, you just need to click on “Convert” button and waiting for the conversion. Then you can find the converted files by clicking on the “Export Output File”. (If a “Play Error” occurs, it means that the conversion fails. You just need to press the “Convert” button to convert the files again.)

Converting iTunes Music

After the conversion, you are able to remove DRM from the songs of Apple Music. You can play them on your computer without iTunes now. It is mean that you can play Apple Music songs on VLC, Windows Media Player and any media player on your computer now. Moreover, many other devices are available, too. In this way, iTunes is not required any more when you want to play the songs of Apple Music.


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