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Is There Any Way to Play Apple Music on iOS 7?

Zoey Wesson
BY Zoey Wesson   
LAST UPDATED: Jul. 26, 2017

This is a question that had long puzzled iOS 7 users that they cannot play Apple Music on the machine. It's confirmed that iOS 7 system is incompatible with Apple Music. In this case, Apple Music Converter emerges in response to this issue.

About iOS 7

Once the major release of iOS mobile operating system, iOS 7 is still highly prized and used in some regular clients. Comprehensively iOS 7 supports iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPad with Retina Display, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch (5th generation). It's reported that iOS 8 or later user is prohibited to degrade into iOS 7, which prevents the regular circle from upgrading iOS 7 to some extent.

According to the supported iOS of Apple Music, you need iOS 8.4 or later to use Apple Music. So is there any way to get Apple Music available on iOS 7? Actually Apple Music is in a special encrypted format, M4P, to protect DRM (Digital Right Management) and prevent piracy. This restricted specialty has made it impossible to play on ordinary device or media player. At this point, the kernel is to break through the restriction of DRM protection and hence convert M4P to other formats that are available on iOS 7 devices.

Problem Solved: Apple Music Converter

The good news is you can do this with the help of Apple Music Converter. This third-party software delves into removing the DRM restriction from Apple Music and converts it to playable formats such as MP3 and M4A. As a professional DRM removal and converter, it even hones its performance with lossless sound effect and high conversion speed. In a word, you can play transformed Apple Music on any devices including iOS 7 series products with this powerful converter.

Apple Music Converter – Play Apple Music on iOS 7

Use Apple Music Converter to free Apple Music streams from DRM protection with simple clicks.


It doesn't spend you too much effort to operate Apple Music Converter. Hereby we'll guide you at large how to use the software with ease in the following illustrations.

Five Steps to Make Apple Music Playable on iOS 7 Devices

Step 1: Download Apple Music Converter

For your convenience, we offer direct download pathways above for either Windows or Mac. Download one that suits your computer's iOS. Entering the main interface with double click, you'll catch your iTunes account and playlist synced simultaneously.

Main Interface

Step 2: Tick Favorite Apple Music

Go to "Library" or straightly "Search" for songs or playlists. Tick your favorite Apple songs preparing for conversion. If possible, it's recommended to choose all the songs in one time in the light of the supportable batch conversion in Apple Music Converter. By the way, song sequence may be your concern.

Preview iTunes Music

Step 3: Select Workable Output Formats

In this step, you need to change output format in the bottom "Output Settings" area. Often MP3 or M4A will be users' first choice. Please decide where to save converted songs by browsing the "Output Folder" option for the sake of convenience. Keep other parameters as they are except for special demands.

Output Setting Tab

Step 4: Convert Selected Songs

All the preparation work done, please click "Convert" button and start convert the DRM protected Apple Music to other available formats.

Converting iTunes Music

Step 5: Sync Converted Apple Music Tracks

Come to the designated output file to look over the results. If you accidentally forget it, a simple click on "Explore" will help out. Then you add the converted Apple music tracks to iTunes library and sync them to your iOS 7 device. Now you can easily enjoy Apple Music songs on your iOS device.

Explore Save File

It's really effortless to get Apple Music playable on iOS 7 with the aid of Apple Music Converter, right? Perhaps it's your first exposure to quaint DRM protection. It doesn't matter, however. Apple Music Converter, a DRM removal and converter, is always at your service to provide you diverse music amusement in a manner of high fidelity and fast efficiency.


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