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How to Enjoy Apple Music at 320Kbps High Quality?

Zoey Wesson
BY Zoey Wesson   
LAST UPDATED: Jul. 25, 2017

The fact that Apple music provides a standard 256Kbps quality may leave a question: can I enjoy a 320Kbps one? Actually this knotty problem has been solved by Apple Music Converter.

Can We Get Apple Music at 320Kbps?

Generally MP3 music can have the maximum bitrate up to 320Kbps. Apple Music, however, adopts a standard 256Kbps quality in M4P format. M4P file is encrypted to protect DRM and prevent piracy. M4P tracks can only be played on some special Apple branded media player, such as Apple's iTunes. That is, ordinary audio converters cannot make changes to Apple Music because of DRM protection. Since that is the case, here we could employ Apple Music Converter to work on this special format. In this way, we can not only improve Apple music from 256 Kbps to 320 Kbps but also convert M4P format to DRM-free MP3 format in the process of increasing bitrate.


1. Normally audio with higher bitrate will possess better sound quality but instead occupy larger memory. That's why people prefer to listening to music with higher bitrate.

2. In fact highest bitrate doesn't mean best sound quality. Each music audio actually has the fittest bitrate itself. That is to say, you can receive the most appropriate sound quality in this bitrate compared with other lower levers, while you may not hear significant distinctions between the best bitrate and higher ones.

3. Friendly Reminder: MP3 is a lossy form of compression after all. It achieves smaller output file through a diminution in sampling frequency and bitrate. MP3 music causes some damage to audio quality even if at the maximum bitrate, 320Kbps.

Five Steps to Get Apple Music at 320Kbps

Apple Music Converter, a professional file format converter, is competent for raising the bitrate of Apple Music to 320Kbps. Unlike other converters, Apple Music Converter can effectively alters special M4P format via taking DRM protection from encrypted Apple Music and thus qualifying conversion capability on Apple Music. In this process Apple Music Converter can successfully improve Apple Music from 256Kbps to 320Kbps and even convert it to DRM-free MP3.

Apple Music Converter – Enjoy Apple Music at 320Kbps High Quality

Use Apple Music Converter to free Apple Music streams from DRM protection with simple clicks.


In this post, we will show you how to use Apple Music Converter to gain Apple Music at 320kbps high quality. Five simple steps are enough for it.

Step 1: Download and Install Apple Music Converter

Direct download pathways for either Windows or Mac are prepared above. Install Apple Music Converter and launch it with double clicks. Apple Music account and playlist are synced when you enter the main page.

Step 2: Add Preferred Converted Apple Songs

Now you can select Apple songs you want to convert to 320Kbps. You're encouraged to select diverse songs in one conversion as Apple Music Converter supports batch conversion. Go to "Library" or directly "Search" for songs. If necessary, adapt song sequence.

Preview iTunes Music

Step 3: Manage Bitrate Settings

Go to "Output Setting" area to personalize output parameters. Select "MP3" as output format and decide which "Output Folder" to save the converted Apple songs. Here remember to click "Bitrate". You can choose different qualities in the dropdown window. Select "320kBPS". Keep other parameters if you don't have other special need.

Choose Bitrate

Step 4: Start Converting Apple Songs to MP3 Music at 320Kbps

All set, click "Convert" and you will jump to the conversion page. Wait for a few minutes and you can receive MP3 music at 320Kbps high quality that you want.

Converting iTunes Music

Step 5: Enjoy Your Converted Apple Music at 320Kbps

Go to the designated output file to enjoy converted Apple Music at 320kbpps. If you accidentally forget it, click "Explore" to find the converted files.

Apple Music Converter makes it possible to enjoy Apple Music songs at 320Kbps high quality with just a few clicks. Without any sophisticated techniques, Apple Music Converter earnestly invites you to this miscellaneous audio feast. Try Apple Music Converter, and enjoy your Apple music journey at 320Kbps high quality.


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