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What is FairPlay & How to Remove FairPlay DRM

Roger W.
BY Roger W.   
LAST UPDATED: Dec. 08, 2016

You may have once heard the term "DRM" which is the technology that is used by digital copyright owners to control who gets to access and copy their work. But have you ever heard these terms: "FairPlay", "Apple FairPlay" and "FairPlay DRM"?

In this article, we will explain what is FairPlay and how to remove Fairplay DRM from iTunes movies, music and iBooks easily.

Part 1 What is FairPlay

FairPlay is a digital right management (DRM) technology introduced by Apple Inc., based on technology created by the company Veridisc. FairPlay is built into the QuickTime multimedia software and used by the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes, and iTunes Store and the App Store. Users will encounter Fairplay DRM technology when they buy iTunes movies/TV shows, Apps or even eBooks from iTunes store. Also, Apple Music is FairPlay DRM protected.

Restrictions of Apple DRM FairPlay

FairPlay DRM protection in iTunes purchased videos and Apple Music nearly makes people mad. With FairPlay DRM, you:

• Can't play iTunes movies, TV shows, and Apple Music on non-apple device like Android phones and tablets, Windows phone, game consoles and so on.

• Can't play iTunes movies on other video players like Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, etc.

• Can't stream iTunes movies, TV show, music, etc. to PS4, PS3, Chromecast, Roku, etc.

• Can't read the DRM-protected iBooks on common e-readers, like Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook, etc.

Therefore, many people are seeking for a FairPlay DRM Removal to bypass DRM from iTunes movies, Apple Music and iBooks. I have tested the best Apple Fairplay DRM Removal for you to remove DRM from iTunes. Read on!

Part 2 Bypass FairPlay DRM from iTunes Movies & TV Shows

To remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes videos, we recommend you to use iTunes M4V Converter for Mac or DRM Media Converter for Windows. Both of the tools can easily help you get rid of the Apple's Fairplay DRM protection and convert the iTunes M4V videos to MP4. In addition, DRM Media Converter for Windows allows you to convert M4V to MOV, M4V to AVI, MO4 to FLV, etc. to fit any of your devices. Follow the brief steps below to see how to use these two programs.

Remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes Videos on Mac

Step 1. Download, install and launch iTunes M4V Converter for Mac.

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Step 2. Click "add file" and all your iTunes movies and TV shows will be listed out. Choose iTunes DRM M4V videos you want to strip DRM.

Step 3. Click "Convert" button to start removing DRM from iTunes purchases and rentals

Remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes Video Mac

Remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes Videos on Windows

Step 1. Download DRM Media Converter and install it on your Windows computer.

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Step 2. Click the "Add…" button to select downloaded iTunes videos on your computer. You can also click "Find DRM…" to let the program load DRM-protected files for you.

Step 3. Set MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV or any other format you need as output format.

Step 4. Click "Start" to remove DRM from iTunes videos and convert DRM-ed M4V to common MP4.

Remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes Videos on Windows  

Part 3 Strip FairPlay DRM from Apple Music and Audiobooks

When it comes to removing FairPlay DRM from Apple Music and iTunes Audiobooks, you cannot miss Apple Music Converter.  This software is available in both Windows and Mac version. It can crack FairPlay DRM from Apple Music songs, iTunes M4P songs, and M4A/M4B audiobooks and then convert DRM-ed songs to common MP3, AC3, FLAC, etc.

Steps to Remove FairPlay DRM from Apple Music

Step 1. Download Apple Music Converter by clicking the "Download" below. Then, install it on your PC or Mac.


Step 2. Select that Apple music or playlists you want to remove DRM when the program lists them on the interface.

Step 3. Choose MP3, AC3, M4A, FLAC, etc. as the output format. All of the output formats are DRM-free.

Step 4. Click "Convert" to begin removing DRM protection and converting iTunes FairPlay protected Apple Music and Audiobooks to your specified file format.

Remove FairPlay DRM from Apple Music

Part 4 How to Remove FairPlay DRM from iBooks

Most ebooks purchased or downloaded from iBook store have Apple Fairplay DRM protections. To open and read iBooks ePub files on non-iOS devices, you can use Requiem to remove the DRM from iBooks ePub files. Requiem does the DRM removing process with no quality loss, no decoding and re-encoding. With this free Requiem DRM removal app, we can get rid of the iTunes DRM protection easily and play all iTunes purchased content on any Non-Apple devices. Requiem works fine on Mac, Windows and Linux and more.

Note: Requiem 4.1 is the last official release and no updates anymore. Requiem 4.1 is limited to work under iTunes version lower than v.10.7, that is, you are unable to remove DRM from iTunes video or music with Requiem iTunes DRM Removal if you have iTunes higher than v.10.7.

Final Thoughts

The law regarding DRM removal is by no means clear. However, you should respect copyright. After you have successfully removed FairPlay DRM, you should only take the movies, music, and e-books as self-use, never distribute them to anyone else or share them on other public domains.


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