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Q1. How can I order a product and when will I get the license code after purchase?

Head to Store and choose the product you're intended to buy. After that, select "Buy Now" > "Add to Cart" and finish the steps as told. Once the purchase is done, you will receive an Email that contains the register code immediately.

Q2. How do I get to trial or evaluation use of products before I purchase?

Please visit our Products page and select the product you are interested in evaluating. Click on "Download" to get the trial version on your PC.

Q3. How secure is the online order?

Don't worry, the data sent from your browser to our servers is always encrypted. And all your transactions are made using an SSL connection so that all information you provided for the order are protected and safe here.

Q4. What if I purchase the wrong product by mistake? Can I exchange it for the correct one?

Of course, you can. First, you should uninstall the wrong product and send an Email telling us your order information and the right product you want. Then we will exchange the right one for you. But we won't refund the price difference if the correct one is cheaper than the wrong one. On the contrary, you need to pay the difference in price if the correct one is more expensive.

Q5. How do I confirm that my order is accepted successfully?

As we mentioned before, after you pay your bill successfully, you will receive an Email that contains all your detailed product information including Order ID, Email Address and Registration code. All the information will be saved in our payment platform as well. If you need to get support, the Order Number and Email Address is required to locate your order.

Q1. What payment method is supported?

You can choose to pay your order using PayPal through Visa/Euro/MasterCard card, Discover, American Express, JCB and more.

Q2. Can I get a refund?

All full-featured products will be given a 30-day money back guarantee if you encounter the following situations: the software cannot work properly, unfixable error or bugs, no temporary solution offered for your inconvenience. But if your software won’t work, you should firstly contact our support team for help and let us fix the problem for you.

Q1. I did not receive license code after my purchase. Why?

If you haven't received your license code, check the followings:

1. Check your spam folder in your email.

2. The email address you used to order the software is invalid.

3. Your email settings restrict to receive an email from unknown senders. So you are not able to receive our email.

To fix your problem, please contact us via support@convertanymusic.com and tell us your Order Number and registration email address.

Q2. How to fix "Registration info invalid"?

1. Make sure that the product is exactly the one you bought.

2. Confirm that you've entered every letter of your registration code correctly, and no space is allowed.

3. Don't mix up the product version. There's Windows and Mac version separately which is totally different.

Q3. Can I use one license code in different computers?

The answer is no. One license code is for one computer only. If you want to get addition licenses for more than one computer, then contact us. We'll offer you a multi-license discount.

Q4. What can I do if the license code is lost or forgotten?

If you forgot or lost your registration code, don't worry, send an email to our support center and leave your order information including order ID, registered email address, etc.

Q1. How to upgrade software to the latest version?

Way 1.Visit the official website to download the latest version of the program.

Way 2. Subscribe to our Newsletter and then we'll send the upgrades, activities or discounts info to your email.

Q2. What to do if I can't download the program from your website?

1. Make sure that your internet connection is working properly.

2. Use a different browser to download the program you need.

3.  Make sure that you have not blocked pop-up windows from your browser. Or remove this website link out of your pop-up blocker exception list.

4. You might need to disable your security software temporarily until you've completed downloading.

5. It could be something wrong with our server. Contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter.


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