Record Audio from Microphone

Is there a tool that good for recording audio from the microphone on PC? Yes, you can try this Streaming Audio Recorder which offers all you need.

Step 1. Launch Streaming Audio Recorder on PC

Download, install and run Streaming Audio Recorder on the computer.

Step 2. Choose "Microphone" as record setting

Go to "Settings" > "Record Settings" > "Audio Settings" > "Microphone".

Choose Mircrophone Record

Step 3. Click on "Record" from the main interface

Select "Record" and you will see an interface as follow. Click on the red record button to get started. Now you can start talking with your microphone and the program will record every word you said.


Step 4. Tap on "Stop" button to end the task

When you finish talking, click on "Stop" button to quit recording. Then you will see the track list in the recording menu.

Stop Recording

Step 5. Edit your recording

Go to "Library" to find out the track you just recorded, and right click and select "Edit" from the pop-up window.

Edit Recorded Tracks

Then you can use the tools given to edit your recording as you wish. You can cut, mix, insert, and overwrite your recorded sound file flexibly.

Edit Recorded Audio

Now create the ID3 tag for your sound file by going to "ID3 Tag Editor" from the pop-up window. You are able to edit artist, title, year, album, genre, etc.

ID3  Tag Editor

Step 6. Convert recorded sound file to popular format

Select the item you want to convert and right click, then choose "Convert" > "Format". Supported output formats include MP3, MP2, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AC3, and more.

Choose Output Formar

Now you can choose an output folder by clicking on "Output". When all settings are done, go to "Start Convert" to start converting.

Start Conversion


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