Q1. What are the limitations of the trial version of Streaming Audio Recorder?

1. You can only record audio in 3 minutes.

2. You can only identify the music info of 3 track.

3. You can download only one piece of music at a time.

4. Pop up trial version reminder and wait 5 seconds.

Streaming Audio Recorder Trial Version

Q2. How to register Streaming Audio Recorder?

After launching the program, click the "Settings" gear icon and choose "Register". In the pop-up window, just input your email address and registration code to register the program.

Register Streaming Audio Recorder

Enter Activation Code

Q3. Is my registration good for all future versions of Streaming Audio Recorder?

Yes, you are allowed to update the program for free.

Q4. Does Streaming Audio Recorder record from a microphone input?

Yes. The program will record from a microphone if it is recording an audio stream, for instance in a Skype or VoIP conversation. Please note that you first need to go to "Settings" > "Record settings" and choose "Both System Sound and Microphone" as an audio source.

Record Settings

Q5. What's the maximum duration for recording with Streaming Audio Recorder?

There is not a limit to the recording duration in Streaming Audio Recorder.

Q6. Can I schedule my recordings?

Yes. Click on "Schedule Task", you can set the "Start time", "Stop time" and "Duration".

Set Schedule Task

Q7. How do I convert my recordings to other formats like MP3?

Go to "library" to find all your recordings. Then select those recordings you want to convert and right click to select "Convert". It will bring you to the "Audio Converter" window. Just choose the output format and quality you want and start conversion.

Convert Music

Q8. Can I burn my recordings to a CD?

Yes, you can. Go to the recording library, choose those audio files you want to burn to CD and right click to choose "Burn to CD".

Burn to CD



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