Record Audio on Mac
Record All Sounds You Hear on Mac for Later Playback
  • Record audio from video/audio streaming sites like YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, Apple Music, etc.
  • Capture voice messages or VoIP calls coming through message apps on Mac
  • Record your own voice via the microphone and save it as voice message
  • Support real-time view of the recording process and a historical list of recorded tracks
Convert Music
Flexibly Convert Audio to Specific Formats in First-Rate Quality

Streaming Audio Recording is a reliable and useful tool that helps you to convert recorded audio files on Mac to common file formats such as MP3, M4A, M4R, FLAC, WMA, AAC, etc. Apart from supporting a wide range of file formats, this program allows you to save converted audio in three quality modes flexibly including High, Standard and Low quality.

Edit Music Meta
Integrated ID3 Tag Editor for Organizing Recorded Streams Easily
  • Automatically identify the music track information such as title, artist, album, size, year, genre and more
  • Edit ID3 Tag by manually adding track info like artists, size, album, year, etc.
  • Enhance audio files with simple tools: Append Audio Files, Insert Sound File, Mix Sound File, and Overwrite with Sound File
  • Create and add recorded playlist to iTunes Library with one-click
Time Schedule
Record a Radio Show at a Set Time via the Scheduled Task

With the Scheduled Task function enabled, you are able to start and stop recording audio automatically in a set period of time. It's beneficial for those who want to record the favorite radio show, podcast, etc. while they’re busy with something else or out of absence temporarily. Once the task is done, you can let it shut down automatically. This great feature will free you from spending hours to record audio manually.

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Customer Review

This Streaming Audio Recorder is so cool! I use it to record online music, radio, lectures, conferences, and even my own speaking. It works perfectly once you get used to the way it works. Anyway, it's amazing! Great job guys! - By Amber Hawkins

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