Q1. What are the limitations of the trial version of DRM Media Converter?

The free trial version can be downloaded directly from our official website. The only functional difference between the full version and the trial version is that the trial version only converts the first one minute of the DRM file.

After purchasing, you'll get the registration code. Once you register the product, you can convert the whole DRM file without any limitations

Trial Version of DRM Media Converter
Q2. How to fix the "General Error"?

The General Error occurs mainly because of the failure to activate the media player to play the files. When it occurs, please reinstall both the program and your media player and try again.

• For M4V and M4A files, check whether your source files play well in iTunes. If not, please update iTunes to the latest version.

• For WMA and WMV files, check whether they play well in Windows Media Player. If not, please upgrade Windows Media Player to the latest version.

Q3. How can I fix it when it says QuickTime uninstalled?

The QuickTime uninstalled problem will appear when you convert Apple Music or iTunes M4B files. Since QuickTime 7 for Windows is no longer supported by Apple, you cannot install QuickTime on Windows now.

If you want to remove the DRM from Apple Music, iTunes songs, iTunes M4B audiobooks and AA/AAX Audible audiobooks, you can turn to Apple Music Converter.

Q4. Why it keeps saying Please Wait…. But never start the conversion?

The case may occur because of the incomplete or failure installation of the virtual device.

1. At first, please make sure the source file plays well. If it is an M4V file, AA file makes sure it plays well on iTunes; if it is WMA or WMV file, you can play it on Windows Media Player.

2. And then, click Options > Processing > Driver Check… to check if the virtual drivers are installed properly. If not, the program will fix it automatically by clicking this button.

3. At last, reinstall DRM Media Converter on your computer.

Q5. How to reinstall the virtual driver? It keeps saying the virtual driver is not installed.

This problem occurs because of the incomplete installation of the virtual sound card, which is used for recording audio when converting video/audio files. If it's not installed or not installed properly, there will be no sound in the output file.

To fix the issue, click Option to go to the Options window and click Driver Check under Processing tab to check whether the virtual sound card drivers are installed. If not, the program will automatically install it.

Driver Check
Q6. How to fix "conversion freeze" error?

In this case, first, please check whether your source files play well in Windows Media Player or iTunes. If they play normally on the computer, please follow the steps below:

1. Close unnecessary processes during the conversion because the conversion of DRM files is very CPU sensitive. You can directly press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager to close processes.

2. Click Settings and set the parameters of the output file lower.

3. Click Option to set the Capture Size lower and close parallel conversion if you have it on.

4. Close the hardware accelerator if you have it on.

Q7. Why I encountered the authorization error while converting?

This program only supports converting files with valid authorization. If the authorization of the source files is out of date or set improperly on computer or rented, it would be impossible for the program to convert. Please make sure the license for playing the file you purchased is still valid. Otherwise, please update the license from where you purchase the files.

To check if you have authorization, please try to play the source file on Windows Media Player or iTunes and see whether it can play normally on computer. Generally, if they play fine on WMP or iTunes on your computer, they can be converted normally.

Q8. How can I authorize batches of files without entering my iTunes Store password every time?

You can just run iTunes, click Store on the top bar and then choose to Authorize This Computer. When the computer is authorized, you don't need to enter the iTunes Store password every time.

Q9. How to convert the video in 16:9 or keep the original aspect ratio?

To convert video in 16:9, the source video files should be in 16:9. And below are some tips for the output settings:

1. Click Option button to open the Option dialog box and select Keep Original as the Capture Size under Processing tab.

2. Click Settings to adjust video parameters and select a video resolution of 16:9, for instance, 480*270. Meanwhile, choose Keep Original or 16:9 from the Zoom list.

Tips: Just make sure the output video resolution is the same as that of the source video files.

Q10. Why is there choppy audio when using parallel processing?

Generally speaking, the choppy audio problem is due to that your computer performance is not good enough. In this case, please input less audio files and try again.

Q11. How to retain the ID3 tags of DRM files?

When using our program, you can retain ID3 tags of MP3, WMA, M4A, M4B and M4P files when you select the output format as MP3 or WMA. And you can also retain ID3 tags of WMV, ASF, and M4V video files if you choose WMV or ASF as the output video format.

Q12. How can I easily find DRM files in the folder which saves both DRM and non-DRM files?

If you want to add multiple DRM files or find DRM files in the folder where both DRM-ed and DRM-free media files are stored, you can use the Find DRM function. Before adding files, please choose the folders where you've saved the DRM files. Then set the folders as smart import paths.

The steps to set the smart import folders are as below:

1. Click "Option" to open the Option window.

2. Click "DRM Finder" > "Add" to add folders where your DRM protected files are.

3. Click OK to save the settings.

DRM Finder

Then you can load your DRM files easily in clicks:

1. Click the arrow button on the main window.

2. Click "Find DRM" to let the software automatically load all DRM files from your selected folders.

Find DRM
Q13. How to replace the previous file with converted file of the same name instead of naming it as File (1).wma or File (2).wma?

Simply click "Option" to open the Option window and find the Duplicate files filter on the "General" tab. Then choose "Keep the latest version of the converted file only" to keep only one version of the converted files with the same name.

Keep The Latest Version of the Converted File Only


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