Remove iTunes DRM Protection on PC

Note: iTunes must be installed on your PC previously.

Step 1. Download, install and run Apple Music Converter on PC

After installation, run Apple Music Converter on your computer. You will see the main interface of the program pop up from the screen along with the iTunes Library. Yes, iTunes will be launched automatically with our program.

Launch Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Go to "Refresh" to reveal iTunes library in Playlist section

This program will automatically upload all iTunes playlist including Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, etc. and display them in the Playlists category. If there is nothing in your Playlists, then go to "Refresh" to update the library manually.

Refresh iTunes Library

Step 3. Preview your iTunes playlist one by one

You are able to select each one of the categories, and then preview the media files inside. For example, go to Music, and all songs stored in iTunes library will appear in the right panel. You can see the music information including song name, duration, artist, status, album, etc.

Preview iTunes Music

Step 4. Select iTunes Music

Select the songs you would like to convert by clicking on them one by one. To help you quickly locate the music file needed, you can use the "Search" function in the upper right corner.

Choose iTunes Music

Step 5. Choose output format

When the songs are selected, go to "Output Settings" in the bottom of the main window to select output format. Output formats include MP3, M4A, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, etc. The profile settings will be adjusted automatically according to the chosen output format.

Choose Output Format

Step 6. Select a destination folder

Locate "Output Folder" and then click on "…" button to select a destination folder in your local file.

Choose Output Folder

Step 7. Set custom format for output file name (Optional)

After that, you can customize the output filename as you like. Go to "Options" > "Output File" > click on "Set custom format for output file name". You can choose what you would like to be included in the file name including title, album, TrackID, DiskID and combine them in a different order.

Set Custom Output File Name

Step 8. Remove DRM Protection in iTunes Music File

Now go to "Convert" to kill the DRM in your iTunes music. After that, you can enjoy your converted iTunes music on any music player or mobile phone freely.

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