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Apple Music Converter
Apple Music Converter

It removes DRM from Apple Music songs, iTunes M4P songs and Audiobooks and makes it possible to save Apple Music songs in MP3, AAC or WAV to local computer or your music players.

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Apple Music Converter for Mac
Apple Music Converter (Mac)

Remove DRM from iTunes M4P audio, Apple Music and Audiobooks, then convert them to plain MP3, AAC, WMA, etc., so you can play them on any devices without restrictions.

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Streaming Audio Recorder
Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder can capture music files from online radio stations, music videos, digital music services and even microphone. Then It will magically identify ID3 tags of songs.

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Streaming Audio Recorder for Mac
Streaming Audio Recorder (Mac)

This sound recording and editing program allows you to record audio directly from any application on your Mac: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Skype, iChat, iTunes, and many others.

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I have been searching ever so hard on the Internet to find a decent converter that would convert Apple Music to MP3 so that I can play it on my MP3 player. Attempts have failed until today that I have found this Apple Music Converter.

- By Robert E. Slattery

I was impressed by how much the product was able to accomplish. I record my favorite songs for hours and burn them to a CD with this Streaming Audio Recorder. It makes getting rare audio stuff possible.

- By Alley McNally

The interface is concise and beautiful. I have used it to record many music from internet. The quality is good. What deeply impressed me is that I can set the time to start or stop recording so I can leave my computer to do other things while recording. Good choice for busy guys.

- By Caleb Kuester

I convert some Apple Music files to MP3 successfully with a few clicks. Its speed is quite fast and it can retain the ID3 tags of songs. Maybe it is the best of music conversion software that can deal well with Apple Music.

- By R. A. Ferris

Robert E. SlatteryRobert E. Slattery
Alley McNallyAlley McNally
Caleb KuesterCaleb Kuester
R. A. FerrisR. A. Ferris

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